Lip shapes depending on the augmentation technique

lip augmentation techniques

Plump, plump and clean lips are the standard of beauty and femininity. Women have long been using various cosmetics for lip augmentation, such as contouring, gloss and lipstick. But I want to fix the result for a long time and not resort to sad tricks every day.

Lip augmentation and reshaping is one of the most popular and often ordered procedures in surgery and cosmetology. There are several correction techniques, so you can choose the one that suits you best. You can also choose the desired lip shape. How to do it and what should be preferred if you decide to take such a step - read the article.

Which lip shape should I choose?

The thickness of our lips depends on the amount of loose connective tissue, the shape depends on genetics and the circular muscles of the mouth. These two characteristics are individual for everyone. In most cases, the upper lip protrudes in front and slightly covers the lower lip. In general, in combination with facial expressions, the lips are involved in the formation of facial expressions.

There are visual defects in the shape of the lips that, for aesthetic reasons or physical standards, make it difficult to feel like a full-fledged attractive woman. These include: very large lips or "macroheilia", very small - "microheilia" or sunken lips - "opistocheilia" and so on. Usually such defects are indications for correction.

Quite often, women are asked to make a replica of the lips of their famous idols. The most common character is Angelina Jolie. Of course, specialists can create the same lips, but it is not a fact that they will look harmonious on the patient's face. For each woman, the most approximate type is selected. It is necessary to evaluate the situation sensibly and to listen to the advice of a beautician or surgeon.

There are several basic lip styles. Your surgeon or beautician may have their own name for these trends, but the essence doesn't change. The important thing is to choose the one that suits your facial features.


classic lip shape for augmentation

"Classic" lips, ie normal. They are also called "the bow of Venus".

They have a distinct outline and are of uniform width.


"Ruby" or "Sexy Lips" are full and voluminous lips. Provides maximum natural volume to the upper and lower lips. Suitable only for those women who have a large distance from the base of the nose to the chin.


Cupid-style lips are the clear line of the upper lip with a distinct depression in the middle.


Pearl Lips - This style enhances the contour and volume of the lower lip, making it soft and sensual.


French lips are one of the most popular shapes. The task of the procedure, given the maximum proximity to the natural "swelling" of the upper lip, is to give sensuality to the image. It turns out "arc" or O-shaped sponges.


Angel lips - This shape resembles the wings of an angel. During the correction procedure, the lateral edges of the upper lip are made lighter.

Suitable for patients with voluminous central upper lip and tapered sides.

Mona Lisa

"Mona Lisa" - the essence lies in giving a slight swelling of the lips and lifting the corners of the mouth.

Lip augmentation methods

Now on the market of cosmetology services you can find the most suitable, individual and affordable technique for lip correction. The most popular lip shaping methods are described below. They differ not only in technical performance, but also in terms of visual effect and cost.


A non-surgical technique consists in replenishing the volume and highlighting the lip contour by injections of biocompatible fillers or, in other words, fillers.

lip augmentation injection method

It is mainly a gel based on hyaluronic acid or on the patient's fat cells (lipofilling). This technique is easy to perform and with the minimum possible complications, in addition to the effect of biorevitalization. Fillers can be injected into virtually any lip shape and thickness.

In the past, biopolymer (silicone) filler was injected intensively. Today it is no longer in vogue, as it is only removed surgically and there are many deformations that eventually disfigure the appearance.

To fill the selected lip shape with the filler, multiple lip injections are used. Each puncture involves injecting the drug. Additionally, there is a method of delivering the drug through a cannula using a fine needle. A cannula is installed through a single puncture, which pushes the tissues in and allows the drug to be delivered.

One of the positive aspects of the injection technique is the quick recovery and if only the lip contour is corrected without filling, there is practically no recovery period. Usually, after two or three days, no traces remain.

Several procedures necessary for the visible effect. A cycle consists of 3 procedures. 1 procedure is done every 3-4 weeks. A repeated course is carried out six months later.

The standard procedure is as follows. The procedure for correction of the lips by injection can be done by an ordinary cosmetologist. The result depends on the individual qualifications and reactions of the patient's body. Side effects can occur, but the advantage of hyaluronic drugs is that they can be quickly removed from the body.


Lipofilling also refers to the lip correction injection technique, only in this case the patient's fat cells are used. This procedure compares favorably with the previous one with even fewer possible side effects, since one's own organic material is not rejected by the body. But it all depends on the correct procedure and the professionalism of the surgeon.

This procedure is not performed by a cosmetologist, as it requires knowledge and medical training to extract fat cells from the thigh, abdomen or buttocks.

The resulting adipose tissue is processed, cleaned and given the desired consistency for insertion into the lips.

The recovery period is slightly longer than that of the procedure with hyaluronic preparations and lasts from one week to two. It will also take about 2-3 procedures. But the result lasts much longer, from 2 to 5 years.


Threadlifting is a procedure for placing mesothread in the lips. Mesothreads are a complex technique for lip correction. This technique is quite painful even with local anesthesia.

threadlifting for lip augmentation

They are usually corrected for severe defects that do not lend themselves to injection correction. These defects include age-related changes in shape, when the nasolabial triangle and corners of the mouth descend, and small knitted wrinkles appear above the lips and directly on them. Threadlifting is also indicated if the lips are extremely thin.

Using mesothreads, the corners of the mouth are raised, the cheeks and the nasolabial triangle are tightened and the fine lines above the lips are eliminated. Recovery can last anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. Additionally, several days will be accompanied by pain, swelling, bruising or bruising. The result of such a procedure lasts from one year to three - it depends on the doctor who performed the bracing operation and the selected mesothreads.


The hardware correction of the lips (electroporation) helps to correct the shape, as well as strengthen and rejuvenate the tissues. In order for the result to be noticeable, it is necessary to undergo a course of procedures, and the result must be maintained at least once every 3-4 months with a repeated course.

Hyaluronic acid electroporation using a pulsed high frequency current opens the channels of cell membranes for a short period of time. It is at this time that hyaluronic acid penetrates directly into the cell. This procedure is painless. The course consists of 8-10 procedures. The result lasts from six months to a year, depending on age and skin type.


Lip surgery or cheiloplasty is not a very popular technique. It is used when a person has obvious defects that cannot be corrected without resorting to surgery.

The surgical method of correction of the shape of the lips has a huge number of contraindications, as well as a long recovery and frequent complications.

cheiloplasty for lip augmentation

The result is obtained in a single operation and lasts 5-10 years. Surgical correction involves three methods, described below.

Bullhorn Surgeryinvolves lifting the upper lip. During the operation, the height of the skin above the upper lip is reduced. With the help of incisions under the base of the nasal septum and the wings of the nose, the skin is pulled and, due to this, the upper lip is lifted. Since the incisions are made along the natural folds, they will be almost invisible after resorption.

VY-plasticincreases the volume of the lips. To do this, the surgeon makes several V-shaped cuts on the surface of the mucous membrane. Tissues are redistributed, which increases the width and volume, and in the desired formed state, they are sutured in the shape of a Y. Such manipulations are performed on the upper and lower lip, depending on the indications.

Corner liftaims to lift the corners of the lips. The tissues are excised at the corners of the upper lip, which directs the line upward, and are fixed with sutures.

lip prosthesessynthetic (silicone) or bio-implants are used. They represent strips ready to be installed. At the corners of the mouth, incisions and tunnels are made through which the implants are pulled and distributed. Then sutures are applied. The disadvantage of this procedure can be considered an unnatural pallor later on. The result of the lip shape change is permanent, but after six months the implants grow into soft tissue and the effect of the lip augmentation diminishes.

As regards bio-implants, recently, to avoid scars in the areas where adipose tissue is extracted, a special material was used. It is a non-synthetic material of the acellular base of the dermis. The cell-free base grows into soft tissue and causes active cell reproduction and "base" colonization. It turns out a frame covered with new fabric. An injection method for the introduction of this material has already been developed, but so far it is under research and testing.

Popular lip shapes

popular lip shapes for augmentation

Fashion dictates not only the color of the hair, the style of clothing, the shape and color of the nails, but also the shapes and techniques of the lips.

The most popular lip shapes include the following:

  • Angelina Jolie or Angelic Lips.To make them, cosmetologists use a linear technique with uniform filling of the contours. The drug is administered in small doses along the edges of the red border. The lips acquire clear boundaries and enlarge. Visually the effect of uniform swelling is achieved, like that of a famous actress.
  • "Sexy Lips"suggests a complete correction of shape and volume. The cosmetologist uses two methods: bolus administration and linear retrograde technique. The bolus technique involves deep immersion of the needle and the introduction of the drug in a large volume. With the linear-retrograde technique, the needle is inserted into the skin along its entire length at an angle of 30-40 degrees parallel to the skin, as the needle exits, the space is filled with the drug. That is, the drug is distributed evenly when the needle moves. They work linearly or perpendicularly. Using this technique gives lips juicy, voluminous and expressive.
  • Hollywoodcombines linear and bolus techniques. Here they are trying to highlight the "Cupid's bow" more clearly and add a natural bulge.
  • "French"cosmetologists create using linear-perpendicular injection of the drug, while the center of the lips is processed and the corners are not touched. This is a very popular method. The image of the girl is natural and sensual.
  • Mona Lisa's lipsare raised corners that transform the entire face. In this case, the drug is injected using a "fan" technique into the pouch of fat under the lower lip.

Lip care after enlargement

In the procedure for lip augmentation and correction, it is important to place accents correctly and to choose the shape, size, width and height that exactly fit your characteristics and type. It is also worth understanding that it is important to perform adequate lip augmentation and not often resort to procedures. A large number of microtraumas can also cause irreparable damage, for example, fibrosis.

It is important to carry out procedures with specialists with certified materials. To avoid side effects and unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to properly care for the lips after corrective manipulations.

Leaving means:

lip care after augmentation
  • To remove the swelling that accompanies almost all corrective procedures, it is necessary to use moisturizers and nourishing creams;
  • Only cold compresses or cold compresses of chamomile will help to remove bruises and bruises;
  • If bumps form, a light acupressure massage is required. It can be massaged with a toothbrush;
  • If there is a herpes or inflammation, a doctor's consultation is necessary. An antifungal or antiviral ointment is usually given;
  • To make your lips recover faster and become velvety, you can lubricate them with honey for 20-30 minutes;
  • Butter or olive oil helps moisturize the lips during the rehabilitation period.

After the bruising and swelling have subsided, use a gentle peel 1-2 times a week, as well as nourishing masks. It is necessary to use a nourishing and moisturizing cream or a hygienic lipstick in case of temperature changes.