Possible folk and surgical methods of increasing the upper lip

Every woman dreams of looking attractive and if nature has not provided beautiful features and plump lips, you must try to correct this oversight. Of course, the fastest and most effective way to get what you want is to increase your upper lip.

Just go to a plastic surgery clinic. Unfortunately, the work of a specialist costs a lot of money, which a lady with an average income cannot always afford. Therefore, many try to act in popular ways, of which there are many.

Choosing an effective recipe for yourself how to enlarge the upper lip at home, you need to understand that if you follow all the rules, you can achieve a good effect. Let's consider some methods of correction without medical intervention.


To begin with, you can inflate your lips by training their muscles. To do this, it is enough to squeeze and open the lips and perform some facial movements.

Here are some exercises to make your lips look bigger:

  1. Within five minutes, you need to whistle a certain melody, intensely straining the muscles. It is best to do this exercise every day, changing the melody each time.
  2. Open your mouth and extend your tongue to its full length. Lock the position for a few seconds. Exercise should be repeated 10 times.
  3. Inflate your cheeks and quickly release air. Keep your muscles relaxed while doing the exercise. The number of repetitions is 5 or more times.
  4. Put your mouth in a tube and smile broadly. Repeat the movements 15 times.
  5. Puck your lips together. Then, lifting the top one, slowly start drawing circles in the air. You need to do 5 repetitions in each direction.
  6. Bite your lip firmly and hold the position for a couple of minutes. Of course, you shouldn't do this before blood. Exercise helps improve blood circulation in the lip area.
  7. Pull the lips hard and hold them in this position for about 20 minutes. The exercise should be repeated 5 times.

With proper and constant exercise, you can boast of plump lips in a month.


how to do upper lip augmentation massage

If you do a special massage every night before going to bed, you can get a good effect. There are now several techniques for its implementation.

Here are a few:

  1. Take a handful of wheat grains, pour linden honey into it and apply the resulting composition to the upper lip area. Guide it with your fingertips. This will not only help increase the volume, but will also remove dead skin particles from the surface. The skin will become smoother, the lipstick will look more beneficial.
  2. A special mouth massage is performed using a soft toothbrush previously moistened with water. The movements should be careful not to damage the skin.
  3. Taking a piece of ice and wrapping it in a loose cloth, start guiding it along the surface of your mouth in different directions. The procedure takes at least two minutes. If done regularly, the lips will enlarge.
  4. After applying a couple of drops of menthol oil to a napkin, wipe it over your lips for about five minutes.

After finishing the massage, apply a moisturizer or lip balm.

Using popular recipes

In the treasure trove of popular tips, you can find many ways to quickly increase the volume of the lips.

The following methods are considered the most effective to do at home:

  1. The pod of the chili pepper should be chopped together with the seeds and covered with a glass of boiling water. After the composition has cooled slightly, it is necessary to moisten a napkin with it and apply it to the upper lip. The first contact should last half a minute. Then wet the napkin again, put it on for a minute. The result will be noticeable after the first session, however, during the procedure, the woman feels pain and a strong burning sensation, which frightens her and forces her to choose other methods.
  2. recipes for folk remedies for increasing the upper lip
  3. Combining pepper with petroleum jelly will be gentler in this regard. After applying such a composition, it is necessary to rest for three minutes and remove it with a damp cloth. The burning sensation will not be as strong.
  4. A piece of fresh ginger root should be chewed thoroughly in the mouth. The resulting gruel is applied to the lips and begins to massage them against each other. After the procedure, cleanse the skin and moisturize with a balm.
  5. Knead the mint leaves in a state of gruel and apply them in the form of a compress on the lips for 5-10 minutes. Next, carefully remove the mask with a sponge smeared with petroleum jelly.
  6. Mix the olive oil with the cinnamon powder. The resulting composition should resemble a thick scrub. For those who are not allergic to honey, 0. 5 teaspoons of honey can be added. Lubricate the lips with the composition and lightly massage them.
  7. Take the lemon pulp and mash until smooth. Leave on for a few minutes after application. After lip removal, massage with lemon zest for 10 minutes.

Advantages and disadvantages of the different ways of professional growth

Modern cosmetology focuses on the wishes of its customers. Professionals use the newest and most innovative methods of lip volume correction in their work.

However, every organism is different. In order not to have problems, you need to know what each of the proposed lip augmentation methods is.

The latest technology to lift the upper lip:

  • using gel;
  • lipofilling procedures;
  • cheiloplasty;
  • electroporation.

Gel correction

This method is one of the most popular in cosmetology. The effect of this procedure is visible almost immediately. In order for everything to go well, you must first select the gel that will be injected.

types of procedures for upper lip augmentation

The disadvantage is that the gel, being under the skin, can move, thus distorting the facial features, for example creating an upturned mouth. Sometimes a foreign substance can cause an infection. In addition, it is very difficult to remove the substance from under the skin, and after surgery, stitches may remain on the face.

The advantages of gels include the speed of the procedure, the absence of allergies to the material. You can adjust the size of the upper lip and make it look voluminous. By using the filler, the lifting lip will become plump and eye-catching. Also, the injection can be repeated after six months, when the effect disappears. Sometimes, if the upper lip is much smaller, it is surgically corrected.

You should always remember the sense of proportion: you should not abuse the injections, otherwise the mouth will look unnatural.

The procedure is not recommended for pregnant women, people with high sensitivity and blood problems. You should refrain from herpes and viral infections.

Using the lift

This magnification method is recommended for people with significant disabilities. During lifting, the client's fatty tissue is used as a filler. The disadvantages are the high cost of the procedure, the appearance of edema on the face and the unpredictability of the result. The advantages include the duration of the effect, the absence of allergies and the process of rejection of foreign tissue.

Modern cheiloplasty

This method uses new magnification technologies: contouring and surgical. The contouring technique helps to eliminate age-related changes in the lips, the surgical technique eliminates imperfections with the help of plastic and the introduction of implants under the skin.

Contraindications include blood diseases, herpes, epilepsy, oncology and a number of other diseases. The advantages are considered the safety of the implant and the impossibility of rejection due to the fact that one uses one's own adipose tissue. The operations are performed under general anesthesia; if the technology is followed, they leave no traces.

Electroporation method

This procedure is based on the introduction of hyaluronic acid under the skin with a special device. The effect lasts for about a year. The operation is completely painless and rarely causes complications.