Since ancient times, many girls have been thinking about how to spread their lips at home, if they were deceived by nature. Plump lips have always been considered a symbol of femininity and one of the ways to attract men.

What girls don't want to make their beloved dreams come true! Today such a dream has come true and it can be realized not only with the help of a plastic surgeon's scalpel and Botox injections, but also thanks to simple methods at home. Lip augmentation at home can be done in several ways, there are recipes for every taste and wallet.

Volume from training

ways to enlarge the lips at home

You can increase the volume of your lips yourself with the help of exercises. This method is quite lengthy, but certainly valid and obvious.

Since the lips, like any other organ in the human body, have muscles, they can be simply pumped up with the help of a set of properly selected exercises. This complex is convenient in that it can be done almost anywhere, but it must be done regularly.

  1. First you need to warm up your mouth muscles. To do this, you should blow your lips into a tube and whistle a melody for 5 minutes. It is better to whistle a new melody every day, which will cheer you up;
  2. Then you have to pull your tongue out all the way and hold it in this position for 5-10 seconds. The procedure must be performed 10 times;
  3. You need to inflate your cheeks as much as possible and then blow them firmly. The exercise should be performed 5 times and the lips should be as relaxed as possible;
  4. Pull your lips forward with a straw and smile. Repeat 15 times;
  5. Then do an interesting exercise, like howling like a wolf, or "woooooo", as you slowly extract each letter. The exercise should last about 5 minutes;
  6. You must close your lips tightly and draw circles in the air by pulling them clockwise. You have to do the exercise 5 times in each direction;
  7. Bite your mouth lightly with your teeth and continue for 2 minutes. This greatly accelerates blood circulation and increases the volume of the lips;
  8. Draw your lips as much as possible and hold them in this position for about 20 seconds. After a short break, repeat, repeat 5 times.

Full lips with the right makeup (makeup artist secrets)

It's no secret that many famous personalities use some kind of secret makeup to make their lips visually a little more gorgeous on their own. How to enlarge the lips at home, make-up artists know well. Although they often hide their beauty recipes. To do this, first of all, you need to choose not dark lipstick colors, but light pastel tones. The most suitable shades that can increase their volume are pale pink, peach, beige. The color of the pencil should also be as natural as possible and perfectly match the color of the lipstick.

In addition, special lip glosses will help to cope well with the task of visual volume, with means to which reflective particles are already initially added. Another ideal option would be to apply a pure gloss on the lipstick.

Lip augmentation with folk remedies

how to enlarge the lips and keep the effect forever

Many homemade lip augmentation recipes using folk remedies are time-tested and not at all complicated. You can add volume to your lips, although not forever, but only for a few hours, taking advantage of the influence of various factors that irritate them. This can be done with a variety of spices that have cooling and warming properties. These methods of adding volume are best suited for the more daring girls who desperately go towards their intended goal without fear of experimenting.

It is important to remember:that before exposing your lips to any ingredients, even natural ones, you must make sure they are not allergic.

A peppercorn on the lips

For very brave girls, we will tell you how to spread lips on house walls with chili. To do this, you need a pod of red pepper, cut into a gruel. Then you need to fill it with a cup of hot boiled water and leave it to infuse for several minutes. In the resulting mixture, you need to moisten a napkin of natural material and apply it to the lips for a minute, then rinse with water. Guaranteed extra volume!

Attention !!!In no case should you wait for the moment when your lips begin to burn strongly, as this threatens to burn your thin and delicate skin.

Ginger to help

To make your lips plump before a date and also to freshen your breath, the ginger root, i. e. its piece, will help you.

ways to enlarge lips with makeup

To do this, you need to chew it well and apply the resulting gruel on your lips, gently pressing and then releasing.

This should be done for 1-2 minutes, and then, after rinsing the composition, lubricate them with a nourishing balm.

Cinnamon and olive oil

To make your lips plump and tender, you can use folk compositions of a few drops of olive oil, a third of a teaspoon of candied honey and a pinch of cinnamon. Mix all the ingredients into a thick gruel, apply it to the toothbrush and massage your lips for 5 minutes. Then rinse your mouth with warm water and lubricate your lips with a balm.

The recipes, tips and secrets listed above work quite well, thanks to them it is possible to add volume to the sponges without resorting to plastic surgery and injections. But every girl should also remember that there should be a measure in everything, and natural natural beauty is much better than unnatural large labia, which do not cause joy, but, on the contrary, disgust.