What not to do after lip augmentation

Lip correction and augmentation with fillers are a required and safe procedure, as the elements introduced rarely conflict with the body. But the final result strongly depends on the master, the materials used and the correct lip care after augmentation with a filler.

You should familiarize yourself with all the recommendations for further recovery and the list of limitations beforehand. Many activities, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, playing sports, visiting a solarium, will be prohibited for a while.

How long do lips heal after enlargement

How long the lips heal

The skin of the lips is distinguished by its tenderness and sensitivity, therefore, not only during the procedure, but also for some time after, the occurrence of unpleasant sensations is possible. Stretched tissues and injured blood vessels from the injections will remember themselves with pain for another 2-3 days. The swelling or redness will begin to subside on day 4-5 and the final skin restoration occurs within a week.

Lip care after augmentation with hyaluronic acid these days should be minimal. To get rid of pain, it is allowed to apply painkillers, and to relieve swelling, apply cold compresses to the affected area.

It is important for the first week to take care of your skin and carefully monitor its condition. If the unpleasant symptoms do not go away, you need to contact the master to consult with further actions.

What not to do after the procedure

Recommendations after lip reshaping can be conditionally divided into three periods, each of which provides for certain prohibitions in habits and lifestyle. Like any medical intervention, the procedure is prohibited during pregnancy, with low blood clotting, in the presence of herpes or infections. Contraindications after an increase are reduced to the prohibition of kissing or any other effect on the chipped area.

First 3-4 hours

During the first hours after enlargement, the vessels located in the injection area remain dilated. The skin becomes thin, stretched to an unusual size. Therefore, it is important to eliminate the slightest possibility of injury to the peri-labial region.

The first hours after lip augmentation

Do not eat hot food or drinks immediately after returning home, as they activate the blood flow, causing increased swelling of the lips. For this reason, it is not recommended to take a contrast shower or a hot shower.

It is advisable to completely refuse to eat for the first three hours, to keep the muscles of the mouth at rest (not to smile or scream).

3 days after injections

Recommendations during the first few days continue to be of a local nature, as any careless influence can cause localized seals or contour disturbances. This will spoil the plastic result. Therefore, during the first days of rehabilitation, it is strictly forbidden:

  • smear the lips with decorative cosmetics or hygiene products;
  • actively a grimace, a smile;
  • smoking after lip augmentation - due to nicotine, a sharp narrowing of blood vessels occurs and this slows down blood flow;
  • sleeping on your stomach or on your side, as uncomfortable sleeping position can damage the injection site;
  • you cannot kiss - you cannot calculate the force of impact by pressing hard on the lips;
  • consumes alcohol and hot drinks which cause blood to rush to the cut area;
  • is ​​in the sun - overheating causes vasodilation, depersonalizes hyaluronic acid, returns the usual volumes.

Also, an allergic reaction may occur against the background of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays in the correction zone.

Final rehabilitation

For the next 2 weeks, the recommendations are general. The entire rehabilitation period should not be practiced in sports, since active physical activity leads to an increase in body temperature or blood pressure. This causes the appearance of severe edema of the peri-labial region. And due to the increased sweating, the wound healing process slows down.

Final rehabilitation

Also, you should not sunbathe in the solarium or on the beach, visit the sauna, bath. At high temperatures the degradation of hyaluronic acid is activated which leads to the return of the usual volume.

Cold packs are often recommended as an anesthetic. But this advice is not recommended to be abused.

Low temperatures have a negative effect on the healing process of injection wounds. To avoid thermal injury, it is not recommended to apply pure ice to the skin.

Avoid touching or licking your lips often, creating unusual hydration. Large apples, seeds, crackers and other foods that can damage the skin should be excluded from the diet. Any damage or pressure can cause the filler to be placed incorrectly in the treated area.

Proper lip care

In the first week after the injection, you should carefully follow all the instructions of the master and take care of the skin carefully. Recommendations after lip augmentation are minimal and are divided into two main groups: drug support and light massage.


In the first few days after the procedure, the chipped area will be very painful. Allowed to take painkillers that do not have a wound healing effect. These include paracetamol. If necessary, antibiotics can be used, as they do not affect the fillers and, therefore, do not affect the result of the correction.

Cold packs are allowed to prevent the spread of swelling and reduce pain. They can be applied no more than 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes.

Clean the chipped area daily with chlorhexidine and then apply a healing cream such as Bepanten. It is distributed on the skin in a fatty layer, after which the excess is wiped with a napkin.

Massage and gymnastics

On the 3-4th day, you should start doing a special massage, which will be shown by the master who performed the lip augmentation procedure. This technique promotes the natural distribution of hyaluron under the skin and breaks down the "lumps" that can form at the puncture sites.

Massage with circular movements, soft and light. Do not pinch, stretch or press the skin, as too active exposure to the peri-labial area will lead to the opposite result.

The bedtime massage is performed for no more than 2 minutes. For additional hydration and softening, you can pre-apply petroleum jelly to your lips.

Also, after plastic surgery, you need to do some facial exercises every day for 10-15 minutes:

  • stretch your lips with a tube and stretch them with a smile;
  • moves the closed lips to the sides;
  • taking air into your mouth, slowly release it through the narrow space between your lips.

These exercises will help you quickly repair the damaged area and achieve the desired volume without defects. In this case, it is important not to forget that you cannot open your mouth wide, make a face or smile actively.

Experts recommend enduring this period, managing it with minimal care and monitoring your condition. At the slightest sign of complications, it is necessary to seek help from a specialist. This will avoid serious complications.

Need correction after lip augmentationThe effect of the procedure lasts from 6 to 18 months, which depends on the density of the preparation and the correct observance of all the prescriptions of the doctor. The new correction for lip augmentation can be done no earlier than 18 months later. As the hyaluron dissolves, the lips gradually return to their previous state.