Massage after lip augmentation: how is it right?

After visiting a beautician, almost everyone is interested in the question: is it possible to have a massage (after all, the specialist did this during the procedure itself) and how to properly massage the lips after augmentation?

Immediately remember the prohibitions, that is not to touch the lips for at least three days, or even a week. But massage is not just touching, but also performing certain manipulations. How to be in this case?

Those who have carefully read the instructions noticed that the massage is carried out only on the advice of a specialist who will tell and show you how to properly conduct the session yourself.

If such instructions have not been received, it is better not to engage in amateur activities, in order not to destroy the result of a lot of work and patience.

When should a massage be done after lip augmentation?

When should you massage after lip augmentation

Whether or not to knead the lips after augmentation with hyaluronic acid depends on several factors. It is mandatory to perform the massage in these cases:

  • using a filler with an anesthetic (an add-on that is not biocompatible in the structure with the body fluid can cause side effects);
  • the formation of cones and tubercles, regardless of the position and depth of placement;
  • when a significant amount of filler is injected to distribute it proportionally.

To be absolutely precise, the massage and warming of the lips after augmentation should be done in any case, but not on the first day. The cosmetologist will give advice on both the time factor and the specificities of the movements performed. The customer just needs to listen carefully and memorize in order to repeat it at home.

How to properly massage the lips?

The post-augmentation lip massage is usually done twice a day, during the morning bath. This will extend the time of your stay in the bathroom from five to seven minutes, but it will give you the opportunity to enjoy the result of the transformation of your appearance faster and for longer.

Toothbrush Massage Rules:

  • after brushing your teeth, turn the toothbrush upside down and apply it to your lips;
  • gently kneads the lips, without pressing, with soft circular movements;
  • massage first from the center to the corners, then in the opposite direction - massage correctly with smooth and light circular movements;
  • therefore also touches from the center to the corners and vice versa, but in a very soft way, not abrupt and not hard.
How to properly massage the lips

After the massage, it is very useful to perform a series of simple exercises:

  • with slightly elongated lips, pronounces the vowel sounds, as if about to sing a lullaby;
  • puff out your cheeks one by one. The inhalation is prolonged and prolonged, hold the exhalation for a few seconds and then release the air through the "mouth of the duck";
  • with lips closed, turn left and right, using your lower jaw. At the same time, try not to pull your lips into a tube, but to move "the whole matrix".

Lubricate the lips with a moisturizer at the end of the cycle. It can be a banal hygienic (but high quality) lipstick or a cosmetic oil.

If there is no allergy to baked goods, high-quality natural honey very well relieves swelling and helps the skin to recover faster. It is best to use a light liquid variety, which does not have a mixture of bee bread and propolis.

When is it forbidden to mix lips?

Do not think that if you massage your mouth from the first few minutes of returning home after lip augmentation, you can avoid swelling and other undesirable, but inevitable consequences. There are times when massage is generally prohibited.

  1. On the first day after the procedure, it is not recommended to touch the lips. Yes, this, in principle, will not be possible, as painful sensations and severe discomfort will interfere with the implementation of such plans.
  2. It is not recommended to carry out any manipulations as long as there are injection wounds on the skin.
  3. If any bumps and bumps are found in the tissues, contact the specialist who performed the procedure immediately. Only he will be able to tell what caused the phenomenon and whether the massage will help to eliminate it.
  4. In case of severe edema, bruises and bruises, it is strictly forbidden to knead the lips.

Each master who performs the procedure will tell the client about all the rules of post-lip care. If unforeseen circumstances arise in the form of complications or incomprehensible reactions, seek qualified help immediately.

How does massage affect the enlargement result?

After the procedure, you come home armed with new lips and the knowledge of how to massage your lips after augmentation. But what this procedure will give and why it is so important will hardly be emphasized. We remedy the historical injustice and collect important and useful information.

How the massage affects the result of the augmentation
  1. Warming will help restore blood supply to the desired level and distribute the filler evenly in the tissues.
  2. In any case, massage helps prevent premature aging of the skin by stimulating metabolic processes in all layers of the epidermis and dermis.
  3. The disintegration rate of hyaluronate decreases and, as a result, the effect of the procedure is extended to 6-12 months (depending on the initial activity and the amount of filler).
  4. Improves the correction effect, eliminates the risk of irregularities in the form of bumps and bruises on the surface of the lips.

The lip augmentation procedure still does not guarantee an amazing result, especially soon after. It takes a certain amount of time, effort, and adherence to post-care rules for the effect to match your expectations.