What means and preparations for lip augmentation are better?

Modern women actively use lip augmentation preparations to brighten their appearance. The most popular remedies include both natural and synthetic blends. It is important to know which drugs are best, how they are used, whether the procedure is painful or not. The duration of the remedy plays an important role in the choice.

Features of the introduction of a means to give volume to the lips

Contouring procedures are the most popular in the practice of beauty salons. They are performed by putting injections with the drug on the lips. The procedure is painful. But before the injection, anesthesia is performed with a special gel or injection. Lip augmentation products are also produced, within which there are pain relieving components.

Needle and cannula methods are used for drug administration. The advantages of the technique are that the injection method is:

  • corrects the corners of the mouth;
  • provides relief and clear contours;
  • helps eliminate wrinkles in the corners of the mouth;
  • lips turn bright, turn red.
ways to increase the volume of the lips

Preparation for the procedure is important, it includes:

  1. A visit to a dermatologist will reveal the possibility of an allergic reaction to the biopolymer.
  2. Before your session, do not sunbathe in the sun or visit the solarium.
  3. Alcohol intake affects the metabolism of hyaluronic acid.
  4. The patient must psychologically tune in to the effect of the injection. After the procedure, some remain dissatisfied with the changes in appearance that have occurred. The task of the cosmetologist is to carry out explanatory work, revealing the pros and cons of the session.

This takes thirty minutes. Of these, some time is devoted to anesthesia of the injection area. The puncture sites are pretreated with an antiseptic solution. The introduction of drugs is carried out in the contour of the mouth and in the center - to fill the tissues around the cavity with the gel. At the same time, the consumption of funds is reduced - it takes about one milliliter.

Usually, after the procedure, there is swelling around the mouth, but it disappears after two to three days. Patients are advised to follow the rules of conduct after the session. They should:

  • not to engage in manual labor;
  • do not visit the sauna, the bathhouse, the swimming pool;
  • apply remedies to the mouth area that absorb inflammation, massage the affected area;
  • uses oil to eliminate the dryness of the peri-labial area;
  • tries not to get the infection into the injection area;
  • if flasks, herpes rashes are detected, visit a beautician.

Important!If the injection into the lips is done correctly, the volume, shape, contours will last a long time, from six months to a year.

What is the best lip augmentation?

You can pump your lips with both synthetic and natural substances - fillers. The difference between them lies in the duration of the action. After lip augmentation with the polymer, the volume will last ten to twelve months and sometimes even three years. But the natural substances only keep the contour for six months. But the injection of synthetic products is dangerous for allergy sufferers. Synthetic substances can also be rejected by the skin, giving dangerous side effects to the human body.

Natural injection

an overview of lip augmentation medications

Many popular volumizing products are based on botox or hyaluronic acid.

Botox contains inactivated botulinum toxin. After the injections, the lips appear naturally swollen with a clear outline. But there are many contraindications for the Botox procedure. Do not increase the drug for pregnant women and nursing mothers, patients with chronic diseases during their exacerbation.

Many contouring products come with fillers and anesthetic solution.

Long-lasting volume with a special gel. The effect lasts up to three years. In addition, the lip gel is highly physiological and highly viscous.

Obviously botox or hyaluronic acid are the most expensive drugs. But the injection is painless. The women like it and the duration of the action. It will be possible to consult a beautician in three to five years to perform lip augmentation with gel.

The French filler brand has shown itself well in the cosmetics market. The group of biodegradable fillers does not pose problems for patients, as it is completely excreted by the body after a year under the skin. Women prefer the gel preparation. I have injected a hyaluronic filler and there are no complications and the lips keep their volume and shape for a long time.

Cosmetologists advise, when choosing the biogel to use to increase the volume, to rely on the fact that preparations with adipose tissue remain under the skin longer and do not dissolve over time. And hyaluronic acid will make the lip contour clear. It is better to use those preparations in which both components are combined.

methods of lip augmentation

Important!It is common to use pure hyaluronic acid for the lips, injecting it under the skin, or lipofilling with adipose tissues.

Those who have been wagging their lips for a long time know which drug to choose, how it works, what its drawbacks are.

Preparations based on synthetic polymers, their characteristics

In contrast to biopolymer lip pumping, the synthetic preparations used give a longer effect, remaining under the skin for up to two or three years.

Synthetic preparations contain safe components. They do not move beyond the boundaries of the injection site, but over time they can grow along with the tissues of the mouth. You will need to remove the biopolymer from under the skin in the beauty salon. But after the operation, the shapes will be reconstructed, giving them naturalness.

If you have doubts about how to enlarge your lips, you should consult a beautician, taking into account the contraindications and the cost of the procedure.

Volume without injection

Experts have developed techniques that help to enlarge the lips at home.

Cosmetics that are rubbed in the mouth are a good alternative. Massage, face construction will help make a woman attractive.

From external means, choose a cream for lip augmentation, the components of which normalize blood circulation, moisturize and nourish delicate skin. The choice of products filled with extracts:

  • ginger;
  • red pepper;
  • mint.

Creams should contain natural ingredients, as well as hyaluronic acid or collagen peptides.

Cinnamon oil will nourish delicate skin well. You can add a few drops to the lipstick or lip gloss.

Important!Cayenne pepper oil is best for circulatory stimulants. It should be used in combination with coconut and cocoa butter. Sweet almond oil will make your mouth seductive.

What is better for lip augmentation, a specialist will help determine for each woman, taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin, problems with appearance.