Features of the lip contour

plastics of the contour of the enlarged lips

You can correct thin and naturally undefined lips with a pencil, but the lip contour will do better. This procedure will add sensuality and attractiveness to women's lips. You won't need to spend a lot of time on lip care at home.

Is it that easy and without consequences can you correct your appearance? What can be corrected with a salon procedure?

First of all, the masters advise to make the correction for girls who have a small volume of lips and their edge is barely visible. After plastic surgery, the lips will appear slightly swollen and expressive.

For older women, experts will recommend getting rid of wrinkles in the corner of the mouth in this way. To do this, the technician will fill the skin area with a dermal filler.

Service details

The lip contour is their augmentation with the help of injections with special safe and hyaluronic acid-based gels. Hyaluronic substance is considered a natural moisturizing component of human skin. But after a while, it dissolves.

The operation is not complicated, but the effect is instantaneous, thanks to which the service is so popular. First, the specialist applies an anesthetic ointment or uses a local anesthetic. After 15 minutes, the ointment that has solidified in the form of a film is removed and the gel is injected within half an hour. This procedure is done only once, and depending on the drugs and the type of correction itself, the effect will last from six months to a year. Then an adjustment will be required to save the result.

Swelling and redness may appear within a few days. This is normal, you shouldn't worry. With the help of such plastic, you can remove wrinkles in the corners of the mouth, enlarge and change the contour, moisturize for a long time, smooth the nasolabial folds, even prevent herpes.

Preparations for the procedure

Fillers are so-called fillers. In most of them, the main constituent is hyaluronic acid.

lip contour injection

Many girls are afraid of such drugs, believing that acid reduces the duration of plastic action, because the human body can easily destroy the expected effect. But at the same time, the substance is of non-animal origin and does not cause allergic reactions, it is well absorbed.

Of course, you will have to correct the contour of the lips every year, respectively, you need to regularly visit your master and listen to his advice. And it will definitely indicate that lip care should be done daily.

As for the prices for fillers, they vary significantly. This is due to the amount of acid that is added to hyaluronic preparations. Every company is trying to improve the fillers on offer. Of course, this increases their value.

If we consider all fillers, in addition to preparations with hyaluronic acid, substances such as liquid silicone, biomeric gel, acrylic and other synthetic components have proved very effective.

But all of them, as many studies have shown, are very harmful to the human body. Therefore, for a long time, preparations based on hyaluronic acid will be used for the contour of the lips.


However, even the safest drug has a number of contraindications. Don't shape plastic:

  1. If blood clotting is impaired.
  2. If there are infectious diseases at the sites of future injections and beyond.
  3. With exacerbations of diseases.
  4. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  5. In case of cancer.
  6. With epileptic disease.

Side effects

Experts say that the drug and the method itself do not cause side effects, but there is a risk group that should not strive for the ideal this way, so lip cosmetics should be gentler. The most common complications are: in the first decade after correction, hematomas, allergic reactions and hyperemia occur.

Swelling is also diagnosed, which occurs with the same frequency as previous complications. But the swelling disappears without a trace in a few days. Lumps, gel migration, scarring, or vascular occlusion may occur. But such problems are rare.

When an injection is used, the skin is injured and bruises may appear, but they disappear within 3 days after the procedure. If this does not happen, the doctor can prescribe a healing ointment.

In case of injury to the nerve endings during injection, as well as with the pressure of the filler on them, a loss of sensation is possible. This problem usually lasts 1-2 weeks, after which the sensitivity of the lips is completely restored.

Care after enlargement

Particularly careful lip care is required after the procedure. Frequently apply a cold pack and use a variety of moisturizers (special ointments, lip balms). Refusal to visit the solarium and sauna for at least 2 weeks is inevitable.

During this time, the lip oil moisturizes and protects well. Particularly popular are wheat, almond and olive oils. If a girl decides to change the contour of her lips in cold or windy weather, then she must definitely take care of her health and use such a lip oil. It must be applied in the same way as the conditioner. A product with essential oils will bring special pleasure to girls.

Oils should be selected strictly individually, as they have different properties. If your lips are chapped, almond lip oil will work. Olive oil can be used for sensitive skin and for rejuvenation, while wheat germ, sea buckthorn and avocado oils are suitable for good hydration.

For small swelling or bleeding, decongestant gels or ointments can be used, but this should be done strictly on the advice of a doctor. Lip hydration should not be ignored as it is needed after surgery. Lip cream or regular balm based on special oil, hygienic lipstick are the best helpers in postoperative hydration.

In the first days after the procedure, it is necessary to use these products as often as possible and forget about the usual cosmetics for a while. Masks have a beneficial effect. They can be homemade with natural products.

Curd mask will gently nourish and take care of the normalization of the condition of the lips after the procedure. To make such a remedy, you need to take 2 parts of cottage cheese and 1 part of cream. Mix well and use gently as you would a regular moisturizing ointment. The applied mixture is kept for 15-20 minutes.

There are carrots in every home, so the following recipe will be one of the cheapest and most affordable remedies. Grate carrots (1 pc. ), Add 0, 5 tsp to the mass. olive oil and mix. Apply the liquid mixture on your lips and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

The spring option is an apple mask. It is very simple to make such a mask: melted butter (1 tsp) is added to the apple sauce (200 g) and applied to the lips.

After 20 minutes, the mass is washed off. And if you take honey and mix it with sour cream in equal proportions, you get a very tasty and healthy mask that can be stored for 5 minutes.

Delicate creams

A cream with vitamins is indispensable in this difficult period for the lips. Intensely softens and nourishes, regenerates cells, hydrates, fortifies and protects lips from external influences. The ointment is suitable for all skin types and is completely hypoallergenic, thanks to which it received recognition from dermatologists. Apply a thin layer of lip cream several times a day.

It is important to remember: to have a beautiful smile, constant and adequate lip care is required, which does not stop under any circumstances. And after modeling this, the attending physician should become the primary advisor.

Reduction after surgery

After contouring, some clients are disappointed with the results or have complications. Then they start thinking about how to reduce the lips to their previous size. Biodegradable fillers based on the same hyaluronic acid and the hyaluronidase enzyme that destroys the hyaluronic substance will come to the rescue. It is he who dissolves the scars.

The procedure itself is an injection that is performed in a problem area. Thanks to it, you can completely remove hyaluronic acid from the lips. If it is only necessary to slightly correct the contour, then a series of restorative procedures should be carried out. Most likely, they will be held with a 2-week break, after which the owner's beautiful lips will be guaranteed.

The drug hyaluronidase is the only hyaluronic acid antidote that will help answer the frequently asked question of customers about how to shrink lips. After all, only with the help of him it is possible to eliminate the negative consequences to which the lip contour has led.

The need for the effect of increasing the volume with the help of gloss has disappeared due to the fact that the contour of the lips has appeared. And after that, the latest developments came into vogue, which aim to emphasize female beauty, and not to create it. So women started using lip polish, a kind of hybrid between lipstick and lip gloss, or liquid lipstick.

Lip paint is gradually entering the life of beauties. Many cosmetic brands, creating new collections of face care products, have included lip lacquer in their product catalog.

Due to the ease of applying the coloring matter and the ability to perfectly outline the contour of the mouth, lip paint has undeniable advantages and is especially popular. To create an amazing and unique shade, a girl can mix different shades and get a natural color to use this lip paint in her daily makeup.