Modern fashion dictates new rules and standards of beauty, and women will to everything to reach perfection, become more and more spectacular and stand out from the crowd. To enlarge, adjust the shape and give it more volume, introduce special hyaluronic filler for lips. In this article, we look at what happens during such a procedure, if it is safe, and what kinds of loads it is necessary to choose, to avoid unpleasant consequences.

For the correction of the shape and volume of the lips, we use fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is used for the injection – natural component of the skin, it is distributed evenly in the tissue, without affecting the sensitivity — even if it is of the delicate skin of the lips.

Correction of the lips with the help of the introduction of the hyaluronic acid can not only increase the volume of the lips remplissageAMI, but will also eliminate the changes associated with the aging of the lips (loss of volume, the purse-string ride), eliminate the dryness of the lips, to find an accurate contour and to correct the asymmetry.

With age, due to natural aging, the lips lose volume and sharpness of outline. Thanks to the reduction of the microcirculation of the blood pale red border to the lips, appears the drought. The hyaluronic acid fills lips with moisture, stimulates microcirculation and helps to delay the age of the change.

Contour of the lips it also illustrates the men and for this, we implement the use of fillers with less density, which practically does not provide a substantial increase in the amount. They aim for a natural harmonization of the lips: correction of the asymmetry (innate and acquired), the elimination of defects (rubtsovie modification, the correction of the corners of the lips.

The essence of the methodology

The principle of the method of the increase lies in the fact that the injected under the skin of the special charges, which give your lips extra volume. The introduction is done by injection, therefore, the procedure does not require rehabilitation. For the correction use so-called fillers, representing a dense gel of the substance. There is a huge amount of expenses on a different basis.

The essence of the methodology

Previously, the plastic lips remplissageAMI have used drugs silicone-based, but then, they are rejected due to the large number of drawbacks – they often cause allergic reactions, in case of a bad introduction to "drift" towards the bottom and the silicone is not made of the organism, that is to say if the result is not received from a patient or he changed his mind to walk with sponges, it was necessary to do the operation and to extract the substance.

The lip area is extremely important when it comes to improving the aesthetics of the face. The eyes and lips are considered as the most beautiful facial features of women and men. With age, the volume of the lips decreases, and around them appear wrinkles and folds. To accelerate the process of factors such as photoaging, heredity, smoking, and so on For rejuvenation of the lips and apply fillers. In addition, the filling remplissageAMI of the soft tissues makes it the most complete and the most attractive of the subtle nature of the lip, allows us to eliminate the asymmetry. The success of the work on the lips is needed to the experience, the ability to intelligently combine technology and the substance for injection.

All kinds of fillers, temporary or permanent, have shown great results to give your lips a beautiful shape. But we must not forget the problems that can occur after the injection. Thus, the studies show that the granuloma are capable of conducting temporary and permanent fillers, but the more often the same.

Hyaluronic acid (GK) and cationic (AP) — the two most common remplissageet. However, preference is often give the hyaluronic acid, so that the polyacrylamide sometimes bind with the risk of developing a granuloma. Many studies around the world have confirmed the safety and efficacy of the load on the basis of GK. They are considered as one of the key elements of success combined techniques prevent aging of the face and lips.

Among the aesthetic treatments, there are many who can only apply in the summer or in the winter. For example, the chemical peel beauticians advise you to do it in the cold weather of the year, in order to avoid the appearance of age spots and the premature ageing of the skin. For the injection remplissageet of these restrictions: the hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and smooth lips, and this is true in any season.

Today, in most cases for the correction use of fillers, containing hyaluronic acid. It is the natural and familiar to the human body, because contained in the intercellular space. It is hyaluronic acid is a catalyst that triggers the production of collagen and elastin, improve, and rejuvenation of the skin. With age, the body decreases the production of hyaluronic acid, because of what and skin changes.

In some cases, you can make a correction of the lips

The thin lips. The lips do not have enough volume and looks flat. Thanks to this, the person is often sounds like "dry", strictly, impassive. The lips are thin, or with birth, or to become the adult, because the body ages and the metabolism slows down, collagen fibers in the tissues become thinner, and the production of the new, young collagen slows down. Fillers well cope with the task of filling the volume, even the thinnest lips.

The thinning of the upper lip due to malformations, an abnormality physiological (for example, cleft lip).The technique of the introduction of the load in the tissue of the lips and its contour allows you to create visually harmonious image, without resorting to plastic surgery.

The asymmetry of the lips. This cosmetic defects is also easy to fix with the help of the load – the medication simply enter it in the quantity needed in the boxes.

Raised a smile, the wrinkle correction of the" puppet", kessenich wrinkles. For the correction of aesthetic problems using the introduction of the load on the lip or directly into the corners of the lips. The wrinkles are filled from the plate, visually fade away, the corners of the lips are lifted, and you become younger and more attractive.

The increase of the lips of the plate is performed in the following cases:

  1. With the aim of raising corners of the lips.
  2. In order to increase the volume of the lower or upper part of the lip.
  3. For the correction of the shape, utrativshie a result of changes to age or injury.
  4. To change the shape of the bending of the folds labial.

How is the procedure of introduction of the load in the lips

Then, to examine exactly what happens during the insertion procedure. For a start, you need to choose a clinic and a specialist who will carry out this operation. In any case, do not try to do it yourself and not to communicate in beauty salons, who do not have the appropriate license and work experience. It is complex and demanding, a procedure that requires of the artist the understanding of the operation and of the product chosen. If the technology is broken, there may be very serious consequences, up to the appearance of irritations, ulcers, a follow-up rapid response.

Don't forget to check out the comments on the clinic and the doctor, if possible, try to contact people who have undergone the procedure, to communicate in social networks or on the forums with other patients, in order to ensure of their choice. Don't risk your health and beauty. When the communication with the physician to clarify what is the filling to choose for the lips, does it have certificates of quality and approved if the ministry of health for the use. No need to use a variety of "forpercent" in order to reduce the cost of the procedure – if you decide to make the correction, do it all for quality and certified drugs.

After the clinic and the doctor you have chosen, you can subscribe to the procedure. The specialist will assess the labour front, pick up the appropriate means, calculates the number of injections and the mode of the drugs. No need to do too much – pumped lips seem abnormally and often rather deter people and not attract them.

The introduction of the drug is injectable, therefore, in order to exclude symptoms of the pain, the doctor applies a local anesthesia. Usually, this is done using creams special, which are applied on the area around the lips, but in some cases, the conductive anesthesia (makes a sting in the gums and fine-needle aspiration). After anesthetic act, a doctor produces a correction of the lips remplissageAMI. He did some injections in the upper part and the lower lip, introducing in them the necessary quantity of gel on the depth of 3-4 mm, as a rule, a procedure, a syringe containing 1 ml of the drug, enter in a single time of more than 2 ml is strictly not recommended. If necessary, the procedure is repeated for 15-20 days, to give your lips an extra volume.

After the introduction of a doctor mass of the lips in order to distribute the gel of them. Generally, the patient is practically not feel any pain during the procedure, but the small, unpleasant sensations may occur, especially when massage. The effect of the transaction is visible immediately after the injection, but maximum results are seen in 4-7 days, when the hyaluronic acid begins to act. It attracts moisture, which allows you to create an additional volume, and intensify the production of elastin and collagen, thanks to which the skin is shiny and wet, she disappearance of wrinkles and manifests the rejuvenating effect.

After two to three weeks after the introduction, it is recommended to go to the beautician, who will assess the outcome and, if necessary, correct its. During this time, the gel is fully make contact with the tissues, and become unique with them. The effect of hyaluronic acid lasts about 6 to 12 months, after which it breaks down and is eliminated from the body in a natural way. In this correction remplissageAMI has the cumulative effect of – thanks of rejuvenation and the improvement of the nutrition of the skin of the lips look a lot better and when you re-enter the result will be even more interesting.

Many women feel that, at the dissolution, and the elimination of the gel to the skin will remain stretched, which will lead to its caving in and to the deterioration of the appearance. But in fact, this is not the lips well stretch and contract, resulting subsidence does not occur. The decomposition of the gel does not occur instantly, it only lasts a few months, this is why the skin just tightens to the required size.

Types of load

To increase the volume of the lips use different types and types of charges:

  1. On a base (mainly silicon).
  2. On a natural basis (containing hyaluronic acid).
  3. The so-called liporemplissages (based on the adipose tissue of the patient).

Today, in most cases we apply the second type of medication containing hyaluronic acid. They are environmentally friendly, safe and hypoallergenic. Why choose them?

To do this, there are two main reasons. The first – fill on gearwrench is biodegradable. This means that with time, the drug breaks down and is consumed by the body, vividas him in a natural way, while artificial substances can be removed only when using the operation. The second, of the hyaluronic acid is not simply an expense, it is the catalyst, which improves the metabolic process which executes the natural mechanisms of rejuvenation and collagen production. The lips after the introduction of remplissageet become bright and beautiful, they disappear wrinkles and folds, the skin is hydrated and is in good health.

How to choose the right medicine? We recommend that you do not make amateur, and contact a qualified cosmetologists. They perform a selection on the basis of the data available, after examination of the patient, a lot depends on the shape of the lips, wishes, age and other factors. It is necessary to take into account that the cost of the medication and can vary sharply. The price depends on the, what is the percentage of hyaluronic acid is remplissagee – in addition, the more expensive the tool.

On the impact of the augmentation of the lips

The most common complaint of patients — this is the "blown" red border, followed by a lowering of the corners of the mouth (wrinkles of the puppet). Two of these changes in the complex create a look of sad, tired, face. Lips large, you can accentuate thanks to the injection within the limits of the vermilion (red fringe). And the biggest lips will be an introduction of padding under the muscle.

The more often impact on the upper lip, and not on the bottom. For best results, you must take into account two factors — natural defects and aesthetic desires of the patient. Thus, a thin the nature of its lips first need a structural increase of the deep introduction of fill, and then the correction of volume to surface of the plate. For a cosmetic effect ideal will be the introduction of the filling near the surface, with an emphasis on the red border of the fringe to develop.

Women on the lips, as a rule, a little more complete on the men, also, they are stronger, occur before. In other words, they are a little more "swollen". If you look on a woman's face to the right, you'll hardly notice the difference. But in the profile, we can clearly see that the lips in women over bomber. It is important when working with men and women of the lips. The allocation of an excessive amount of masculine lips will make the face too effeminate.

The result

To get the best result, the doctor must work with the patient: studying its history, talking in detail of all the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure. It is very important to prevent that, immediately after the injection are swelling and bruising, as most patients strives to keep secret the fact that they have decided to resort to such a procedure. The recovery period can last from two days to two weeks. The use of cannulas instead of needles to speed up the process. It is also important to understand that the will of the patient is not always realistic, and it is important to explain to the person knew what to expect.


Lip augmentation consists of a shape change and/or strengthen the visible part of the lips red fringe (vermilion). In addition, the modification of the shape of the Cupid's bow and of the relationship between the red edge and the columella (the part between the nostrils).

It is also important to take account of the proportion between the height of the lips and teeth, to assess the likelihood of hypoplasia of the maxillary sinus, and the occlusion of the patient.

After the procedure

After the procedure, swelling, bruising. Complications are rare and include the appearance of nodules and lumps that can be solved with the help of a massage or an injection of hyaluronidase. Intravascular injections may cause instant notice of money laundering, which passes quickly. Help hot compresses, the use of hyaluronidase. The onset of herpes can be prevented with antiviral drugs (aciclovir, famciclovir or valaciclovir).

Adverse reactions that explains how the properties of the product itself, and the manner of its introduction. Poorly made, the injection can result in serious consequences.

Uneven lips after the operation, often result of the failure led to a surgical intervention. This also occurs when the introduction of the excess medication, but at the time of the correction, is not the volume, and the plot. The breach of the fringe of the lips due to the penetration of the drug in the area of the vertical of the throat (Filtrona) immediately violates natural fine anatomy of the lips. It is this error that leads to the appearance of the place beautifully defined lips of two chubby formations of the same size or a effect "the lips of the duck" disproportionate to the upper lip thanks to the migrated gel.

The effect remove the lips is possible, if we introduce an excess amount of fill on the part of the mucosa. In the wake of the mucosa in contact with air, dries up and splits, you receive the local inflammation. If no remedy to the situation, there may be cheilitis and stomatitis. In addition, a defect, with one hand, because the mucosa is more clear skin. The irregularity of the introduction of a freeze on the red border of the fringe of the mucous membrane, causes the wavy edge of the lips.

The lips can swell after the procedure, it is the norm. But it is the consequence of the intervention must take place within an average period of three days. If the swelling is strongly expressed and maintained over a long time, it is already a pathology. And the most common cause of the appearance of the error beautician in the determination of the type of preparation and/or computation of her dosage. Also abnormal swelling formed if broken the technology of the procedure.

The uneven distribution of the filling due to poor technique of a specialist can also cause the appearance of lumps and nodules. This is particularly important when applying a permanent load, because the negative, the result will be the same long-term. Too aggressive for the injection can result in a poor distribution of the filling, causing the appearance of lumps, while too superficial introduction to cause a thickening.

Introduced during the correction of the lips medicine if soft and plastic, that the lips and the touch, and visually will look totally natural.

The effect of the procedure lasts approximately 10 to 12 months. Then, you can repeat the procedure. The duration of the effect depends on the lifestyle and metabolism of the patient. The value of a same daily of the mechanical stress on the lips, so if you like the kiss, this medicine resolve more quickly.

Due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient of the skin, the charge injection for the correction of the lips - quite sure. Preparations based on hyaluronic acid that is biodegradable with time, the drug is naturally fully resolved.


The recovery after correction of the lips is quick and comfortable. In a first time, after the process, you may observe a swelling. In a period of two weeks, it is recommended to avoid visiting the baths, saunas, and limit the physical load.

On the second day after the procedure may occur redness is is, small bruises at the injection site, which has also disappeared.


Lip augmentation using the charge injection produces quick results with a minimum of a period of recovery. The ease of use, accessibility, and recognition on the part of the public has made of hyaluronic acid, one of the most popular of the load. For lip augmentation fillers injections can be made in any or all of the anatomical parts of the lips, which allows to obtain the control and the result predictable. Special precautions and the number of mode of filling vary according to the individual characteristics of the patient. Sometimes, patients want to make a choice based on hardware limitations. However, this must be avoided, the physician must explain to the patient all the nuances of the use of such or such a filling.

Hyaluronic acid attracts water molecules and holds on to it, but the effect of its introduction, unfortunately, is only temporary. With time, it is reabsorbed, the lips will gradually decrease – to the difference of silicone, which can form a painful "lumps" under the skin. The exact time of the disappearance depends on the type of filling, but to sail standing over a period of 4 to 6 months.

Lip Augmentation: the procedure and the side effects of lip augmentation

The aesthetic result of lip augmentation with the skin fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, depends on the standard of the application of the best way of injection. In addition, to obtain an optimal result and avoid side effects, the expert must possess knowledge in the field of the anatomy of the lips, as well as the experience of the application of the different methods of injection and the individualization of treatment.

The advantages and disadvantages of the correction of the fillers

So, we've already seen the main steps of the procedure and have reviewed the most popular medications that are used for the exchange of volume. Now let's see what are the advantages and disadvantages of medication and the procedure. We consider that the use of fillers based on hyaluronic acid, because it is the most used in modern cosmetology. To begin to examine the benefits:

The advantages and disadvantages of the correction of the fillers
  1. Hyaluronic acid is synthesized from bacteria, it is natural and usual in the body. This product is considered hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation, respecting the safety instructions and the manufacturer's recommendations.
  2. Hyaluron will not move down under the action of the force of gravity, to the difference of the grease and silicone fillers. The gel is embedded in the fabric and evenly on it, creating an elastic cell structure.
  3. At an affordable Cost. Hyaluronmarketing filler for the lips is quite accessible, especially for the introduction often, all it takes is a syringe. Is not recommended to save money and buy the less expensive of the tool or of the so-called "forpercent" - they are much less good quality and can lead to unpredictable results.
  4. Possibility of use as a function of their age. Hyaluron is a safe substance, which is why it can be administered in 18 and 65 years of age.
  5. The Non-surgical route of administration, the absence of a period of rehabilitation. The gel is injected using a syringe through a fine needle, the procedure with the anesthesia takes up to 40 minutes. Immediately after the administration, you will be able to go to work or their business to the lips of the anesthetics do not numb an area for injections that are barely visible.
  6. Long duration of action, the cumulative effect of. Fill is valid for up to 12 months, and then eliminated by the body. After the second and of the setting, the effect will be much better for the rejuvenation of the skin of the lips, in addition, in the future, it will be possible to do less preparation.

To note that the introduction of filling the need of a professional kosmetologicheskoy of the clinic. Beautician experienced, knows how to lift the corners of the lips remplissageom, how to give them extra volume and keep in shape, therefore, take care to read carefully the comment before the procedure.

Then, to examine the shortcomings hialuronowy expenses. The first is that the procedure should be repeated each year, because the substance breaks down and is excreted by the body. But it is rather more than less, the lips do not lose the form, the gel does not slip, the skin heals. Second, this is the opportunity of the manifestation of an allergic reaction. 0.5% of people are allergic to high doses of hyaluronic acid, which leads to redness, the appearance of sores or irritations. Fortunately, the likelihood of this is extremely low.


Even if you choose the best filler for the lips of those who are of the commitment on the Russian market, do not rush to enter. This medication there are some contraindications:

  1. Pregnancy and breast-feeding. Should not risk your health and the health of the child, in spite of the fact that the tool friendly to the environment.
  2. Allergic reactions, irritation or herpes in the area of introduction.
  3. Problems with the blood clotting.

After the procedure, you must carefully follow your doctor's recommendations. First of all, for 5 to 7 days, you can't massage the lips or the kiss to the frost is not gone with the principles from which locations. Secondly, it is necessary to avoid sudden changes of temperature. Do not visit a sauna, do not eat cold ice cream, do not smoke. Thirdly, no need to take the sun – try to the least possible in the sun. If this is not possible, use a wide-brimmed hat or sunscreen. In any case, not to visit the solarium.

All these restrictions are valid only during the first days after the introduction, and then the gel is built into the structure of tissue and strongly fixed in it. After 2-3 weeks of re-come to the beautician and, if necessary, go to a correction.