Swelling after lip augmentation: scary or not

swelling of the lips after the augmentation procedure

What to do if swelling appears after lip augmentation? This question arose in the minds of many women. Many experts, summing up the information about hyaluronic acid, argue that it is harmless and that no side effects should be observed. But in some situations, after the introduction of hyaluronic acid, balls or bruises are formed, as well as swelling.

Swelling after lip augmentation and other consequences

There is no point in panic, you just need to adhere to the recommendations of a specialist and properly care for your lips after manipulation to increase them. Frequent consequences include:

  • bruises
  • swelling;
  • balls;
  • Manifestation of allergies.

Edema after this cosmetic procedure does not require special action, because it disappears on its own in a couple of days. But in rare cases, it is fraught with such dangers as allergic reactions, an infectious inflammatory process, the development of herpes.

Why is there swelling in the mouth area after the procedure? Who should you contact for help? As a rule, the swelling normally lasts five days, if after this period the swelling does not subside, it is worth contacting a specialist.


Swelling after lip augmentation is a phenomenon of fluid stagnation, therefore, the factors contributing to such manifestations may be different. Let's consider the main ones:

  • The reaction of the skin to the action of the needle;
  • Individual characteristics of the organism;
  • Allergic manifestations to injected fillers;
  • Damage to the vessel, which caused the formation of a hematoma.
  • overcorrection;
  • The beginning of the infection.

To evenly distribute the filler, the drug is injected over the entire edge of the red lip. It is quite scary to watch such a procedure, especially for those who are afraid of pain, so the occurrence of edema is quite normal. The formation of edema can be divided into the following stages:

  1. The first signs of swelling also appear in the beautician's office.
  2. The edema reaches its peak already on the first evening, perhaps the next morning.
  3. Discomfort arises, diction changes occur.
  4. On the third day, the swelling gradually subsides.
  5. The fifth day is characterized by a decrease in edema, it is no longer so noticeable to others.

To remember!According to this scheme, the recovery process occurs in most patients, so it is better not to plan important events and meetings in the first few days.

lip balm to relieve swelling after enlargement

It is not necessary to use absorbable ointments to speed up the recovery process, as such drugs will only spoil the final result. After the procedure, it is worthwhile to provide the skin with additional care, because during this period the skin is very tight and can easily crack. Therefore, it is best to use conditioners, hygienic lipsticks and lip glosses as a cure.

The action of hyaluronic acid

It has long been known that a hyaluron molecule is capable of holding 500 water molecules. This fact is very important for the skin, as the hydro-lipid balance is restored. However, problems can arise if there is a large amount of liquid in the filler injection area. They may manifest as a result of improper diet, disturbances in the work of the kidneys and endocrine glands. Therefore, in such situations, hyaluron will contribute to the appearance of severe edema and can persist as long as the injected filler is present in the tissues.

To understand if you are exposed to such risks, you can, thanks to the proposed recommendations:

  1. The appearance of bloating at different times of the day, the occurrence of edema after drinking alcoholic beverages, as well as after eating salty and smoked foods.
  2. Pre-use the biorevitalization procedure and check how long the swellings persist after the injection of the gel.

If you notice a tendency to fluid retention, before performing the procedure for lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid, you should first go to a cosmetologist for a consultation.

Interesting!You can reduce the risks by minimizing the dosage of the drug or by using a procedure with a lymphatic drainage effect to start.


the girl thought about removing the swelling from the lips after the augmentation

To minimize the risks, it is worth choosing only a proven and recommended medical facility, where experienced and competent cosmetologists conduct their activities. After all, errors usually occur during the procedure due to the introduction of an excessive amount of the drug or when using non-sterile devices.

Keep in mind that if the swelling does not go away for a long time due to the fault of the doctor, then all corrections are carried out at his expense. But sometimes complications arise due to the fault of patients who unfairly followed certain recommendations:

  • It is impossible for the first hours to take a horizontal position, to avoid severe edema, the head should be high on the pillows;
  • It is necessary to moisturize the skin with special means, at home you can use a mask that contains cottage cheese and cream. These mixtures must be applied every quarter of an hour after the accident.

Cold compresses can also be applied to the lips after manipulation. This should be done within 1-2 days.


Swelling after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. But what can you learn from the reviews on the forums, how did women with such symptoms deal with? Some girls did not resort to the procedure for the first time and only go to trusted specialists, so they did not experience excessive swelling.

Many people recommend doing the procedure on Friday, so that by Monday the swelling will subside and you can go to work in a great mood. There are cases when, before the procedure, the patient drank a glass of wine, which led to huge swelling after hyaluronic acid injections. However, after a massage at the beautician and after using diuretics and antihistamines, the swelling by the third day can completely disappear. Therefore, it is very important to adhere to the rules of preparation before the operation.

before and after the appearance of edema with augmentation of the lips

Nowadays, lip augmentation is a very popular procedure among women. Before visiting the beauty salon, it is worth starting the use of Acyclovir 2 days in advance to protect your body from herpes, and after the manipulations, do not go to baths and saunas. Also, don't actively move your lips for several days, so you will provide protection for your lips from unwanted swelling.