Lipstick and other effective methods of lip augmentation

Nature has endowed women with different lip volumes, but everyone wants to have full, luminous lips that can attract a man. The fashion for artificial augmentation is passing and only lip augmentation lipstick will help make them plump and alluring.

What will help to enlarge the lips

There are many recipes for increasing the volume of tender lips without painful beauty salon procedures.

These include:

  • do gymnastics with the lips;
  • using massage;
  • the use of special masks;
  • application of special lipstick.

All methods are able to increase the tone of the muscles located around the mouth, visually change the appearance of this area.

lipstick for lip augmentation

Exercise efficiency

Stimulation of cell growth in the labial region actually occurs if you perform the following exercises daily:

  1. Draw the lips with a tube, opening them slightly. When your face muscles are relaxed, do swallowing movements with your mouth, capturing small portions of air.
  2. With your lips tightly closed, drive from side to side, drawing the number eight.
  3. Stick out your tongue, imitating a dog, freeze for thirty seconds.
  4. Inhale deeply, holding the air in your mouth. At the same time, make movements to the right - to the left with tightly closed lips.
  5. After inhaling, release the air through a thin hole in the lips folded into a tube.

Each exercise should be given for two to three minutes. And their daily performance will allow a month later to see how the lip volume increase occurred.

The massage will make the lips plump

Previously, girls did not have so many cosmetics to make their lips bright and full. But they knew they would help him:

  • apply ice, snow to the mouth;
  • alternately dipping the sponges in cold and lukewarm water;
  • gently bite the mouth area;
  • massage movements with a brush on the lips smeared with honey.

Such manipulations lead to the fact that the mouth area swells, reddens due to the influx of blood to their surface. But in our time, girls came up with the idea of massaging their lips with a shot glass or cap. The procedure to give volume to the lips is performed by applying the container tightly to the mouth. By inhaling the air, swelling and redness of the mouth area is obtained. The lips covered with cosmetic gloss after the massage will entice you with their seduction for three hours.

lipstick and lip massage for augmentation

Increase the volume of the lips with masks

Few know how to enlarge their lips with herbal masks. Here are some recipes on how to become the owner of a plump seductive mouth at home:

  1. Mix a teaspoon of honey, crushed lemon zest, petroleum jelly. Add a drop of cinnamon oil to the mass. The finished balm is applied to the mouth, washing it off with warm water after fifteen minutes.
  2. The gruel of fresh mint leaves is spread on the mouth area for ten minutes. At the end of the procedure, you can apply petroleum jelly.
  3. Lemon juice is considered effective for the volume of the tender area. Massage it into your lips until you feel a slight tingling sensation. After that, the product is washed off with warm water and the mouth is covered with a hygienic lipstick.
  4. Taking any lipstick, melt it in a double boiler, add a drop or two of aloe vera oil. After putting a cosmetic product in a jar, they lubricate their lips with it twice a day.
  5. Rubbing a mixture of jojoba oil (three milliliters), vitamin E (five drops) and ylang-ylang oil (two drops) increases lip volume better than botox. You just need to massage with the mixture every evening, carefully removing the remnants of the product with a soft napkin after the procedure.
  6. Pepper masks are effective. You can simply apply a pepper pod in your mouth or crush it, mix it with petroleum jelly and lubricate it with such a product. It is worth using the burning mass carefully so as not to burn the skin of the perioral surface. When using pepper, do not forget about allergic reactions.
  7. Lips become plump when lubricated once a day with a blend of five milliliters of jojoba oil, three drops of liquid vitamins A and E, neroli essential oil, and ten drops of pepper tincture.

Regular use of nourishing masks will make a woman's face attractive and seductive.

The best lipstick will make your lips attractive

Plumping lipstick is best suited for these purposes, because all the nutritional components are balanced in it. It remains only to choose a cosmetic product that is appropriate in composition and color.

Lipstick components

Manufacturers of cosmetics know what women need, so they include in the lipstick:

  • proteins in the complex;
  • vitamins;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • collagen;
  • essential oils;
  • peptides;
  • silicone;
  • elements that reflect light.

The components of the lipstick should aim to increase blood flow to the lips, soften and moisturize the skin around the mouth with smoothing out fine wrinkles, and protect against the effects of wind and cold.

types and colors of lipsticks for lip augmentation

Color selection

What lipstick should be according to the color palette to increase the volume, every woman should know.

Light tones visually increase the volume: caramel, honey, light pink. But if a woman is blonde with a white skin type, an overly pale lipstick can make a faceless woman uninteresting.

Important!The complexion is important in choosing the tone of the lipstick. It should be a tone or two darker than the facial skin. The reflective particles inside the cosmetic product can perfectly highlight the central part of the mouth.

Pearlescent mint-scented colors are suitable for creating swelling in the mouth. But even the matte shades of nude lipstick will allow you to give your lips a natural volume. And the liquid gloss above will enhance the seduction of a woman's mouth.

lipstick to increase the volume of the lips

How to create a full mouth effect

There are several makeup rules when the lips increase in size:

  1. A dark lipstick around the edges of the mouth, a light color in the middle, will allow you to get some bulge.
  2. Lips with a light tone of lipstick will become more voluminous if you apply a berry-colored glitter over them.
  3. A contouring pencil that matches your skin tone will add volume to your mouth when the line is naturally thick.
  4. Apply the lipstick above the contour line.
  5. Highlighting the curves in the center of the mouth, visually reducing its thickness. Therefore, for volume reasons, this is not worth doing.
  6. The color of the upper lip is made lighter, correspondingly more voluminous, and the lower one - a darker tone.
  7. To create volume after applying the lipstick to your lips, you can powder them a little and go over the lipstick.

Before committing to widening the contours of the mouth, it is necessary to pay attention to the health of this area. After all, lipstick, applied to cracked skin, will make your mouth look ugly, enhance the effect of a scruffy face.