Lip injections: choice of drug, procedure, care

Beautiful lips are the dream of many women. Often their own lips look thin, they want to add extra volume. For the increase, hyaluronic acid injections are used today. What is included in the procedure and how to care for the lips after such an intervention?

before and after lip augmentation with injections

Preparations for correction

Botox is not used for lip augmentation, as it causes muscle paralysis, which allows the skin to be smoothed, but the volume and shape do not change. It is not recommended to use biogel, silicone. These drugs migrate, so it is impossible to completely eliminate them if necessary.

To increase, gels are used today, the basis of which is hyaluronic acid, they are called fillers or dermal fillers. The principle of the procedure is simple - the gel with the drug is injected into the lips, injections are used for this. Preparations of hyaluronic acid are harmless, the effect is enough for 5-8 months. Then the gel disintegrates and the lips lose their lush shape.

How the action unfolds

Hyaluronic acid injections take anywhere from 20 minutes to half an hour. Lips are quite sensitive, so pain relieving injections or a desensitizing cream are needed. After that, the specialist injects the drug in certain places. Preparation of hyaluronic acid is necessary in a small dose; 10-20 injections with a small syringe are sufficient for administration.

The gel is injected into those areas where there is little subcutaneous fatty tissue, so the volume increases. At the end of the injections, the specialist massages the area. This is done to prevent the buildup of the drug and to ensure that it reunites with the internal tissue.

What sensations do you feel after hyaluronic acid injections? There may be some discomfort, but it passes quickly. Swelling and redness may appear at the injection site. All signs disappear in 2-3 hours.

The final results are visible after two weeks, during which time the acid is distributed in the lips. Usually, the result is already visible immediately the first time, but sometimes an additional correction is required.

Regular injections reduce the feeling of discomfort, in this case the discomfort is much less. It is important not to forget to leave after the procedure.

lip injection for enlargement

Precautionary measures

Although hyaluronic acid injections are natural, in some cases it is necessary to take precautions and consult a doctor if there is a history of chronic disease. Doctors do not recommend injections in the following cases:

  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • individual intolerance to the drug;
  • Autoimmune diseases;
  • there are other fillers in the lips;
  • allergic reactions to local anesthetics;
  • herpes;
  • scars near the lips.

Do not inject hyaluronic acid if a negative reaction to the previous procedure has occurred. Experts recommend taking Acyclovir a few days before the rise to prevent the development of herpes.

In order for the injection sites to heal, the master in the salon provides a little care. He dabs his lips with a disinfectant. This care and treatment must be continued at home.

Questions to the beautician

Women usually ask the beautician a lot of questions, as injections seem unsafe. Let's consider the main questions of clients of salons and the answers of a professional cosmetologist.

Are hyaluronic acid injections painful? If a good, high-quality pain reliever is used, the procedure is completely painless.

Will the shape of the lips deteriorate after the procedure? If the client does not want a large increase, the master will only make minimal adjustments. All wishes are discussed in advance.

How long will the swelling last after the injection? The rehabilitation period is different for each person. For some it takes a few hours, while for others it takes a couple of days.

How fast will plump lips disappear? If you follow the recommendations of the doctor, do not forget to leave, do not abuse alcohol and smoking, then the effect will last for the indicated time. But correction will be needed in any case.

How much do hyaluronic acid injections cost? The cost depends on the front of the work, the city and the specialization of the master.

lips before and after augmentation with injections

Care after the procedure

After the introduction of fillers, it is necessary to follow some care of the lip area. Key recommendations:

  1. On the first day, leaving is associated with eating. It is necessary to exclude from the diet hot, coarse and salty foods. This is to ensure the swelling doesn't get worse. Sometimes nuts can also cause microtrauma, which will lead to undesirable consequences.
  2. During the week, you should not visit saunas, solariums. The combination of a tanning bed and hyaluronic acid injections is highly undesirable. Frequent visits to the solarium will reduce the duration of the injection.
  3. It is important to take care of the swelling. It is recommended to make fresh masks, but apply them very carefully. On the second day, you can make masks with fat cottage cheese.
  4. To avoid cracks during the first two weeks, it is necessary to reduce the use of decorative cosmetics. You can't go to bed with makeup on your lips.
  5. In the hot season, it is worth using sunscreen, and in the cold season, giving up the habit of licking your lips.
  6. It is not possible to use expired lipstick and gloss, it is necessary to monitor the quality of the chosen cosmetics.
lips before and after augmentation injections

Lip care is quite simple, masters can recommend self-massage techniques. It is worth following all the advice of a beautician.