How to enlarge your lips without plastic

girl with increased lip volume without injections

Do you dream of plump and attractive lips, but don't want to resort to the services of plastic surgeons? Then you will be curious to know simple secrets on how to enlarge your lips. Finally, they will help you make your dream come true and widen your lips at home forever. If you are afraid of panic injections and are trembling at the mention of the word "scalpel", then it will not be superfluous for you to find out that there are many alternative methods and means for lip augmentation without injections.

Lips are the main element of sexuality

It is known that men, when they first meet, pay no little attention to their lips. It is this part of the female face that adds sexuality to the image as a whole and makes it very attractive to the stronger sex. According to statistics, most plastic surgeries in the world are associated with lip and breast augmentation. Let's remember one of the brightest and most wonderful women on the Planet - Angelina Jolie, lips lightly are an indisputable standard among a million girls.

However, not all of the fair sex was rewarded by nature with labia majora. And many ask the question: "How to enlarge the lips, make them plump without surgery? " It is not surprising, because naturalness is now in fashion, and not all men are happy when they find that their chosen one has artificially achieved the effect of lip augmentation. In addition, very often, by turning to a surgeon, clients get exactly the result they dreamed of. An unqualified foreman can not only disappoint you, but also force you to later correct the mistakes he has made.

Get your morning off to a good start!

What does each of us do shortly after waking up? Of course, he conducts water procedures - he washes his face and brushes his teeth. Another simple technique will help to enlarge the lips without surgery: add a more important moment to this daily ritual: take a toothbrush, apply a few drops of honey on it and massage your lips with light movements for 60 seconds. This will help you not only saturate your lips with useful elements, but also make them appear visually larger. Then apply the lip balm.

Important!Lip massage can not be done if they have inflammation, micro-fractures or rashes, as well as with allergies of any origin.

Already in ancient times, women spread their lips with contrasting compresses, alternating hot and cold water. You will soon notice the result if you first wipe your lips with a piece of ice every morning, then rinse them with warm water. In addition, the lip color will become richer and brighter.

beautiful girl with increased lip volume

How to enlarge your lips at home so that they remain plump forever? Unfortunately, this cannot be done using the methods described above. However, with regular use of all of these techniques in combination, you will always be attractive and sexy. If you want to achieve a permanent effect of the labia majora by all means, a visit to a cosmetologist or plastic surgeon is inevitable.

To give your lips a seductive volume and create a swelling effect, you can resort to very special means - the use of spices and spices. They have been used since ancient times, and in our time they continue to be considered quite effective folk remedies.

Important!Remember that if you are allergic to any of the products, this technique is not recommended. The effect lasts from five to six hours.

Will gymnastics help you enlarge your lips?

Unpleasant surprises are easy to avoid, and you can achieve the look of plump lips at home by practicing a set of specially created exercises. Lip gymnastics will allow you to enlarge your lips without surgery and give them the desired size in a relatively short period of time. You need to do this at least once a week for the first month. To maintain the effect, you need to continue exercising at three-day intervals. Read below how to enlarge lips with gymnastics.

gymnastics for lip augmentation

Clean your face thoroughly beforehand, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. Any of the exercises described below should be performed 10 times, gradually bringing up to twenty times:

  1. Stretch your lips as much as possible, open your lips, now close them and relax your face muscles.
  2. With your mouth closed, twist your lips in different directions, then start drawing an infinity sign with them.
  3. He sticks his tongue out as much as possible and tries to hold it in this position for at least three seconds. Return to your normal position and relax.
  4. As you exhale, pull your lips forward as far as possible. Simulate the extinguishing of a candle. Relax your lips after a few moments.
  5. Breathe in air, puff up your cheeks. The lips at this time should be folded into a tube. Slowly exhale most of the air, then take a few sharp exhalations.
  6. Draw the vowels. Take a deep breath, then start exhaling through your mouth with a sound.
  7. Whistle the melody you like continuously for several minutes. Do it as hard as possible.

How to enlarge the lips with makeup?

red lip gloss to increase volume

There is a special trick that allows you to achieve lip augmentation at home. We will tell you how to enlarge your lips with the right makeup. To make your lips bigger at home, you need to know some tricks and nuances. Most women mistakenly believe that it is possible to enlarge the upper lip without surgery by bringing it above the natural contour. But this is not the case. Thus, you can get an unwanted result that has nothing to do with naturalness. Tips on how to make lips look bigger with makeup:

  • Lip augmentation without surgery and injections is possible if you use a contour pencil and light lipstick.
  • In the center of the lip, you can blend with a darker lipstick and apply some gloss as well.

How to enlarge the lips. Recipes of traditional medicine

lip augmentation with chili
  • Grind the red chilli until a doughy consistency is obtained. Fill the mixture with a glass of hot water and let it rest. We moisten a cotton ball in a cooled infusion and apply it to the lips as much as you can tolerate a burning sensation. Do not overdo it, otherwise you can burn the delicate skin of the lips!
  • Cut a slice of ginger, rub on a fine grater and make a lip compress. To multiply the effect, massage the resulting gruel between the lips. At the end of the manipulation, be sure to lubricate your lips with balm!
  • At home, you can make a scrub with which you can enlarge your lips without surgery. Mix equal parts of olive oil, cinnamon and honey. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to massage your lips for a few minutes. Your lips will not only increase in volume, but will also acquire tenderness and softness.
  • Mint is an irreplaceable assistant in solving the problem of small thin lips. Put the chopped fresh mint gruel on a cotton ball for a couple of minutes, then wash with warm water and moisturize your lips.
  • Massage your lips with a grated lemon peel scrub. As soon as you start to feel numb or tingling, remove it and apply the cocoa butter.

We haven't talked about it yet

How else to enlarge the lips without injections and surgery? The more daring can also resort to another unusual method and understand how to enlarge the lips without injections and surgery, using a special pump to add volume to the lips. Many are skeptical of this device, but be that as it may, it has a positive effect. The lips will, however, only widen by a few hours. The device is easy to use: lubricate the lips with balm, squeeze the pump and suck in the air. At first, you shouldn't do this procedure often, and its duration shouldn't be longer than three seconds.

How to plump the lips? To do this, you need to use a set of exercises in combination with competent makeup. Be patient and after a while you will definitely notice the effect.