Dos and don'ts after lip augmentation and why

Injections of hyaluronic acid rarely conflict with the body, since this element is already part of the structure of the extracellular fluid. However, despite the 100% compatibility of the injected substance, which is present by default, the list of what not to do after lip augmentation is quite long. The fact is that hyaluronic acid causes the accumulation of moisture in the lip area, and a few days after the augmentation procedure, this area of the face will require more attention and special care.

How to take care of your lips after augmentation and what you absolutely must not do, we will talk further.

What not to do after lip augmentation?

The post-plastic manipulation period for enlargement should be conditionally divided into three phases, each of which implies its own set of prohibitions. So, returning home immediately after lip augmentation, it will not be possible for 3-4 hours:

  • drinking or eating food heated to a temperature above 400;
  • eat bitter and salty foods;
  • smile as you stretch out your mouth;
  • take a hot or contrast shower.

These recommendations are due to the fact that in the first hours after lip augmentation, the vessels in the injection area continue to be noticeably dilated, and the thin skin is extremely thin and stretched to an unusual volume.

The initial rehabilitation phase, ideally, should completely eliminate any possibility of injury to the peri-labial region, which means it is best to refrain from eating and active facial expressions altogether.

injectable lip augmentation

Second phase

The recovery of the second phase occurs in the first three days after the augmentation procedure. The recommendations are still local in nature, but without the above points. And therefore, you cannot:

  • make a face, smile broadly;
  • you can't kiss;
  • painting lips, including using hygiene products;
  • sleeping face down;
  • expose your face to the sun's rays;
  • smoking, drinking alcohol.

Three days immediately after the procedure, this is still the period when careless physical impact on the injured area can ruin the result of plastic surgery and lead to the curvature of the lip contour or the creation of ugly local seals. The reasons for these problems lie in the uncalculated strength of kisses, in an uncomfortable position during sleep or in the exaggerated mobility of the facial muscles. It is still dangerous to smear the lips by any means of care, as creams that accelerate healing can cause pus to accumulate under dry scabs.

beautiful girl with enlarged lips

The final stage

The next stage is general rehabilitation. It includes key recommendations after lip augmentation, which are valid from the moment of the end of the procedure and up to 10-14 days after its completion. So, all this time is strictly prohibited:

  • doing sports (its active types);
  • visit baths, saunas, sunbathe in a solarium or on the beach;
  • lick your lips, creating continuous moisture for them, touch your mouth with your hands;
  • eat seeds, crackers, chips - that is, anything that can injure the skin with sharp edges.

Hyaluron is very sensitive to the effects of high temperatures: frequent overheating, which leads to vasodilation, depersonalizes the acid, quickly returning the volumes prior to the procedure to the enlarged lips.

Therefore, a girl who plays sports or cannot imagine life without maintaining a constant tan will have to repeat the lip augmentation at least once every six months. For the same reason, it is best not to drink or eat hot food for two weeks.

alcohol and smoking after lip augmentation

Is it possible to drink alcohol after lip augmentation and other controversial problems?

Cosmetologists, who treat this problem, are not very categorical and you will hardly have to hear from a specialist that you cannot drink alcohol for the entire recovery period. This loyalty is to be attributed to a marketing move that increases the availability of the procedure for young people who consider the periodic intake of various alcoholic beverages to be in the order of things. The only thing that the beautician will urgently ask is to exclude alcohol intake 3 days before the plastic increase and another 3-4 days after.

Why is drinking alcohol prohibited and how is this ban justified? Ethanol - an essential ingredient in alcohol - causes blood flow to the surface of the lips, which responds with an immediate reaction from the body. The periubital area, which has not yet sufficiently coped with the edema, increases even more from the warming and the body begins to respond immediately to this by increasing regeneration. In addition to the fact that such a process does not look aesthetically pleasing from the outside, the increased blood circulation negatively affects the injected hyaluron, literally forcing it to dissolve. So, in the end, how much shouldn't you drink? Ideally, two weeks.

medical contraindications for lip augmentation

The same medical fidelity, which allows you to drink alcohol 4 days after plastic surgery, puts smoking on the list of relative contraindications after lip augmentation. However, to the question of whether it is possible to smoke after the procedure, it is better to answer with a medical fact: under the influence of nicotine, the opposite reaction occurs - the vessels sharply narrow, restricting the necessary blood flow. Smoking slows down regeneration, thus delaying the rehabilitation process itself.

Hookah smoke carries another danger: it is the mechanical impact of a rigid mouthpiece on the enlarged surface of the lips. Because of this, the squeezed hyaluronic filling begins to move randomly under the skin, creating bumps and seals that pass for a very long time.

How to take care of the lips after augmentation?

Lip massage after augmentation is a necessary technique to smooth the surface of the thin skin and "break" the lumps located at the puncture sites. It is not difficult to carry out the procedure on your own, but the correct movements will have to be suggested by the doctor involved in plastic surgery, and he will also have to recommend special mimic exercises, which can be started 2-3 days after the plastic augmentation. Both will help to quickly restore the lips after augmentation, giving them the necessary shape without defects.

An enlarged area injured by injections, while massaging it, should not be stretched, pressed, pinched. A sharp increase in blood flow will lead to the opposite result, so the maximum allowable effort is to lightly tap with your fingertips along the contour of the lips, moving towards the center and in a circle. Massage actions are performed before bedtime, for 1-2 minutes. Before the procedure, the skin is smeared with petroleum jelly or other neutral oil.

girl eating strawberry after lip augmentation

In addition, lip care after augmentation involves the use of local masks based on fat sour cream or 60% cream and homemade cottage cheese. The rubbed mass should be spread with gentle movements on the surface of the lips and left for 15 minutes. The use of honey and butter in masks is encouraged, whereby the latter is softened, but not melted.

Often, after plastic augmentation, hematomas appear on the skin, which girls try to "reduce" with ointments containing ethanol.

It is absolutely impossible to do this. For such purposes, for the care of enlarged lips, it is better to use infusions of chamomile or a healing ointment from the pharmacy, which is applied as an application, and then wipe off the excess with a napkin.

Despite the general simplicity of the procedure and its "putting into operation" disclosure, it is necessary to understand that even a small plastic that enlarges the lips is a serious interference in the work of the body, and only by adhering to all the tips and recommendations, you can achieve the expected effect and not lead to unpleasant consequences.