Recommendations after lip augmentation

Lip augmentation with subcutaneous fillers has become a common and very common procedure in our time. It is performed in all good beauty salons, is not very expensive and rarely has any unpleasant consequences. But sometimes patients complain about the lack of the desired result. But more often it turns out that they did not listen to the advice of doctors and did not take care of their lips after injectable augmentation.

What's the danger?

recommendations for enlarged lips after the procedure

Contour correction is truly one of the safest and least traumatic ways to correct the volume and shape of the lips. Even if the filler is not very precise, the result can always be corrected after a couple of weeks. But if you do not follow medical recommendations after lip augmentation, undesirable and rather unpleasant consequences can occur:

  • displacement of the filler;
  • lip asymmetry;
  • contour blur;
  • infection of wounds;
  • skin pigmentation;
  • severe irritation;
  • allergic reactions.

The process seems simple. Once under the skin, the filler begins to interact with the inner layer of the epidermis. It is gradually evenly distributed and covered with connective tissue, which creates a beautiful clear outline. And this process is most active in the first 5-7 days after the injections.

Major prohibitions

To give the filler the opportunity to gain in full force, numerous bans and restrictions are introduced for the first week after contouring. Within 48 hours, it is necessary to periodically treat the traces of injections with an antiseptic, it is not possible to vaporize, sweat and play sports.


drinking alcohol after lip augmentation

It can completely deny the results of the procedure. This is due to the fact that the ethyl alcohol contained in it activates the blood flow and accelerates metabolic processes. This results in two threats at the same time.

If you do not stop drinking a few days before the procedure, the wounds will start to bleed, large bruises and even subcutaneous hematomas may remain.

Drinking alcohol after contouring will lead to rapid resorption of hyaluronic acid. Lips will significantly lose volume in a few weeks.

In addition, alcohol increases swelling, which already occurs after injections. It dehydrates the body and leads to a loss of skin elasticity.


protective lipstick after augmentation

In large quantities, it is harmful to any skin. It causes its excessive drying, thinning and causes hyperpigmentation. But it has a particularly negative effect on the condition of the lips immediately after contouring.

In the places of punctures, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, dark spots may appear. Delicate skin cracks and forms deep, long-lasting wounds.

Protect your lips from the sun very carefully, covering them several times during the day with a hygienic lipstick with a UV filter of at least 30. It is perfectly fine if it is based on beeswax, which forms a thin film on the skin that holds the lips. 'humidity.

Beach and solarium are strictly forbidden.

Decorative lipsticks cannot be used for at least several days, and even more - leave them overnight.


strawberries as forbidden food after lip augmentation

We will have to limit ourselves in nutrition. Anything spicy, too salty, spicy and requiring careful chewing is prohibited.

No croutons, no breading, no Napoleon and no biscuits with crumbs. Anything that can irritate delicate skin should be completely ruled out for this period.

Be careful with fruit and berries. Many of them contain a rather high percentage of organic acids, which are natural peels.

Do not eat sour berries, strawberries, tomatoes, all kinds of citrus fruits, kiwis. It is forbidden to gnaw seeds and nuts, to bite whole fruits and vegetables.


The position of the head during sleep is equally important. For the first two days he should be carefully monitored and sleep on his back on a not too high pillow. If you spend the whole night on your side, and even more so on the stomach, the filler can shift to one side and you get a pronounced asymmetry, which will need to be corrected again.

Kiss lovers will also be shocked. Even to catch a normal kiss before bed, you need to curl your lips with a tube. And this cannot be done. What can we say about the most passionate expressions of feelings. Therefore, while it is necessary to look for other forms that do not lead to deformation of the filler.


Until the lips are completely healed - no hard peels. Even if it seems to you that you are cleaning your face very thoroughly, you cannot avoid getting solid particles of the scrub on the lips during rinsing. Under the strictest ban, hardware peels and, even more so, chemical peels. They can only be done after 28 days, when the lips have completely healed.

If there is a peeling residue of the lip skin after the injections or it is too dry by nature, a gentle lip peel can be performed 10-14 days after contouring. It is best to use cosmetic clay, baking soda or finely ground sea salt. They are mixed with an equal amount of honey or natural vegetable oil, then massage the lips very gently for 2-3 minutes. After peeling, you need to apply a soothing balm.

To smoke

smoking after lip augmentation

Quitting smoking is worth it for those who care about their good looks anyway. This habit is not good.

Nicotine poisons the body, constricts the capillaries and dries the skin. Hot smoke, in contact with the mucous membrane damaged by the injections, irritates it even more and can cause redness and itching around the mouth.

But there is also an equally important external factor. To smoke a cigarette, you need to stretch your lips and force them as you inhale. And massage and any exercises for the face after the injection of the filler is strictly prohibited so that it does not unwittingly redistribute it. For the same reason, cocktail pipes should not be used.

So, when asked whether it is possible to smoke after injectable lip augmentation, the answer is categorically negative.


It is possible and even necessary to combine the permanent tattoo with the lip contour if you want to get the perfect result. But everything must be done correctly. It is best to insert hyaluronic acid first to form new facial contours. And after waiting 28 or more days, you can do permanent makeup. An experienced handyman will notice the subcutaneous presence of fillers himself. But just in case, it's worth expressing.

If the tattoo has already been done, then somewhat limit the choice of the desired volume and shape of the lips, as everything should look harmonious. In the following procedures, you can make the necessary additional correction, gradually bringing the lip line to the shape you dream of.

Additional recommendations

apply ice after lip augmentation

Experienced specialists shared with us their tips and recommendations on how to behave before and after lip plastics with fillers:

  • a few days before, you must stop taking aspirin and any anticoagulants;
  • before the procedure, you should not drink strong tea and coffee;
  • the lips may swell less if ice is briefly applied to them on the first day;
  • you can not smear them with alcohol-containing agents for resorption of hematomas;
  • try not to open your mouth too much and not to smile a lot;
  • it is important to protect the face and especially the mouth from shocks and mechanical damage;
  • do not use lip products with silicone or vegetable oils.

In order for the gel to spread evenly, it is necessary to perform an internal massage of the cheeks twice a day for the entire first week. To do this, use a soft toothbrush (or the back of a regular toothbrush) to make a gentle circular motion along the oral mucosa for 2-3 minutes.


The negative consequences after the introduction of fillers can be in those cases where there was no mention of having contraindications to this procedure.

herpes as a contraindication to lip augmentation

Since contouring is not a surgical operation, it does not require a preliminary examination of the patient. The doctor simply interviews him in detail to identify risk factors. And if you answer falsely, all responsibility for possible complications falls on you.

Contour correction is not performed when:

  • any stage of pregnancy and lactation;
  • oncological diseases and systemic infections;
  • severe mental and neurological disorders;
  • active form of the herpes virus;
  • skin diseases around the mouth;
  • hypertension and diabetes mellitus 2-3 degrees;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • high body temperature for any reason.

If swelling or redness persists within 48 hours after the injection, the lips continue to ache, subcutaneous lumps or large bruises appear - see a doctor immediately!

Reviews and results

photos of the lips before and after the augmentation

If contouring was performed with high-quality preparations from the hands of an experienced specialist, then in the vast majority of cases the reviews about it are only positive.

It is also pleasant that for the dissatisfied a rapid decrease in volume is possible by introducing hyaluronidase, which breaks down hyaluronic preparations. This allows you not to wait several months for the lips to regain their original shape.

Two weeks after the procedure, you can fully return to your usual lifestyle and regular facials. The filler, depending on its quality and the natural metabolism of the patient, lasts from 6 to 15 months. The results of lipofilling last for several years. But the rehabilitation period afterwards is a little longer.

In numerous photos posted on the Internet, you can see successful and ugly examples of contouring. Strongly pumped lips, which have completely lost their naturalness, look especially ugly. By the way, they can cause speech disorders and complicate facial expressions. So in all you need to know when to stop.