How to quickly increase the volume of the lips at home

Beautiful plump lips have always attracted members of the opposite sex. But what to do to those to whom nature has not conferred such external dignity?

There are a number of medical procedures after which every woman will become the happy owner of a beautiful lip shape. However, they are all quite expensive and very painful, as they involve skin damage. There is an alternative solution to the problem - lip augmentation at home.

increased lip volume

Is it possible to permanently enlarge the lips at home?

In the case of a visit to the beautician or surgeon to enlarge the sponge, the effect will be immediately visible and after most of the manipulations it will remain forever. But when using home methods, the effect will be visible only after a long time.

But if it has already been achieved and strengthened by daily exercises, the result will last forever. Today there are several ways to pump lips at home:

lipstick for enlargement
  1. Using a special device;
  2. Massage;
  3. Folk recipes;
  4. Application of a special cream;
  5. Exercises to help "pump" the lips;
  6. Medicines;
  7. Decorative cosmetics.

Remember that each organism is unique. If the massage helped one, then it may not be effective for the other.

Therefore, if after some time there are no changes in the shape and size of the mouth, then it is necessary to switch to another method. The main thing is not to despair and try all the options for lip augmentation at home.

Ways to enlarge the lips at home

Enlarging sponges without surgery and skin damage is the dream of many women. And although the effect of surgical intervention will be greater and the result will last forever, not all girls will decide to take such a step.

How to enlarge the lips at home without such radical interventions? Now this can be done completely safely and efficiently at home.

Using a special device

China is rightfully considered the birthplace of such a gadget. Heavenly women have always tried to improve their appearance. Just what is the historical fact that girls were forced to wear wooden shoes so that the size of their feet did not increase, since a small foot was considered a sign of beauty.

Modern Chinese women have invented many facial instructors. Eye enlargement, nose shape correction, cheek dimples, smile shape and lip size.

This is not the whole list of manipulations for which special simulators were invented. For our country, such devices are a relatively new phenomenon. They are not yet as widespread as in the manufacturer's homeland, but they are rapidly gaining popularity in our country.

The device is a "can" of rubber. For each type and size of the mouth, you can choose the appropriate shape of the device.

  • circle;
  • Oval;
  • elongated oval.
lip augmentation device

The principle of operation is vacuum. Anyone who has ever had a massage with a silicone can will immediately understand how it works.

By pumping air out of the trapped space, the device literally pulls the lips inward. This increases the blood flow in the soft tissues and significantly increases the volume.

The effect after such a procedure lasts for several hours.

This method is absolutely harmless to blood vessels and skin. If not abused, no side effects will occur. The cost of the device is low, so everyone has a chance to try it on themselves. Its market name is vacuum simulator.


The beneficial properties of massage have long been studied and proven. It not only saves from excess weight, cellulite and sagging skin, but also becomes a faithful assistant for lip augmentation.

lip massage with a toothbrush for augmentation

The essence of the method consists in massaging the lips with a toothbrush with soft and medium-hard bristles. The blood flow to the lips will create additional volume. You must first apply one of the following products on your lips.

  1. Toothpaste (it will cool the surface of the mouth);
  2. Lip cream (will add softness);
  3. Honey (helps moisturize and soften the skin);
  4. Gentle scrub (exfoliates dead skin particles and promotes rejuvenation).

These excipients will improve the smoothness of the brush on the lips and provide additional benefits. This method must be applied several times a day. It will not have a great effect, but in combination with other methods it will improve the final result.

The only contraindication is skin damage (cracks, inflammation or allergic reactions).

Folk recipes

They were used by mothers, grandmothers and even great-grandmothers. Many generations of women have searched for the most effective folk recipes for lip augmentation. The following methods are recognized as the most effective.

  • ice cube massage;
  • Mug;
  • Pepper;
  • glycerol.
lip massage ice for augmentation

The ice massage works on the principle of temperature contrast.

First they massage their lips with ice, then apply a napkin or simply a cloth soaked in hot water.

The method is quite lengthy. To see the effect of a slight swelling, it is necessary to alternate the temperature several times.

The use of a glass (cap, lid, can) works on the principle of a vacuum simulator. Glass is applied to the mouth and air is drawn in, creating an airless space inside.

As a result, blood flow occurs and the mouth increases in size for a couple of hours.

Hot peppers or chillies should be used very carefully so as not to harm yourself. There are two options for using peppers: as an oil and when they are ground.

hot pepper to increase the lips

Using oil is the gentlest way. Just add a few drops to the lip balm for the effect.

For an instant result, the pepper is crushed together with the seeds (they are the hottest of the pepper) and infused in boiling water. In the resulting liquid, it is necessary to moisten a napkin or cloth and apply it to the mouth.

The disadvantage of this method is a strong burning sensation at the application site.

Glycerin is used as an ingredient in lip masks. Take 10 grams of all ingredients: petroleum jelly, honey, sugar, lemon juice and glycerin. Add it last.

Mix everything well until a homogeneous mass is obtained, heat it in a water bath at a comfortable temperature (check on the wrist) and apply on the lips. Keep this mask for about 25 minutes, then rinse off the product.

Apply a special cream

They can contain both hyaluronic acid and natural ingredients. Like cinnamon, pepper, ginger and mint.

The principle of action of the hyaluronic acid cream is deep hydration. Microscopic wrinkles are smoothed and lips plump.

Creams with natural ingredients act on the principle of irritants.

Once applied, they slightly irritate the skin and cause blood to flow to the lips, resulting in an increase in volume.

Exercises to help pump up the lips

To achieve the result, they must be performed daily, several times a day. There is nothing difficult in such gymnastics. It can be done in any convenient place. Below are some of the most effective exercises. Each of them must be repeated several times.

  1. Stick out your tongue as much as possible, stay in this position for 10 seconds;
  2. A regular whistle is an effective exercise;
  3. Smile broadly, then stretch your lips forward (with a tube);
  4. Inhale deeply, close your mouth tightly and exhale strongly, stretching your lips forward;
  5. Bite your lips until you feel a slight pain, release;
  6. Squeeze a pencil or pen with your mouth and draw circles in the air in different directions, alternately.
lip augmentation exercises


How to pump lips for augmentation? There are special products, there are also products for home use. They are not meant to disturb the skin and are available in the form of a serum, emulsion or filler.

Basically, they contain hyaluronic acid, as the most popular drug in cosmetology today. But there are also products based on essential oils.

There are also special fillers. A special preparation is applied and the surface of the lips is massaged.

To achieve a lasting effect, it is recommended to use such funds systematically. The disadvantages of this method are the high cost of drugs.

Decorative cosmetics

The use of cosmetics has already been elevated to the rank of art. Almost anything is possible with the help of him. Sculpt your face? Easily!

Remove dark circles under the eyes, visually raise the corners of the eyes, adjust the shape of the face, nose, eyes and, of course, the mouth - this is only a small part of what a true professional can do with help. of decorative cosmetics.

makeup to increase lips

But visiting a makeup artist every day is very expensive. It is much easier to learn how to visually enlarge the lips using cosmetics on your own. Plus, it's not that difficult.

  1. Apply a foundation on the lips and dust lightly;
  2. With a lip liner 1-2 shades darker than their natural color, draw a slightly more natural outline;
  3. Blend the edges of the pencil inside the outline and apply lipstick or gloss.

How to quickly enlarge the upper lip at home

It so happens that the lower lip is naturally large enough, but the upper lip is thin and flat. Of course, this asymmetry doesn't look very nice.

But everything can be fixed. To fill the upper lip with volume, you can seek help from plastic surgery or enlarge it at home. All of the above methods are effective both for the whole mouth at once and for the upper lip separately.

Consequences of lip augmentation

The consequences directly depend on the chosen volume correction method. Among the positive aspects, we can identify:

  • beautiful plump lips;
  • increased self-esteem;
  • New acquaintances.
photos before and after lip augmentation

There are also negative consequences:

  • overdose of the cream can cause irritation;
  • after surgery, a long and painful recovery period;
  • pain of some home methods;
  • if you abuse hyaluronic acid drugs, an allergic reaction may occur.


the girl smears her lips with cream after augmentation

Plump lips are a virtue that most women struggle for. To do this, it is absolutely not necessary to go under the surgeon's scalpel. You can fill them with volume at home. The following methods can help with this:

  1. Using a special device;
  2. Massage;
  3. Folk recipes;
  4. Application of a special cream;
  5. Exercises to help "pump" the lips;
  6. Medicines;
  7. Decorative cosmetics.

If all methods of house enlargement are applied in moderation, then you can become the owner of plump and seductive lips without negative consequences.