Lip volume gymnastics

plump lips after gymnastics increase

Watching Hollywood actresses like Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson on television screens, admiration is visited not only by men, but also by women, because everyone would like to have such plump lips.

In search of a dream, women try all kinds of brand new cosmetic preparations, perform cosmetic procedures, and many do not even mind going under a plastic surgeon's scalpel. The explanation for this is female impatience, which consists in the desire to get the result here and now. Therefore, few people think that special lip training will help achieve the desired results.

Why is lip exercise useful?

Indeed, the muscles are found in the human lips, regular training of which will be the key to creating a plumper shape, increasing firmness and elasticity.

For those who regularly go to gyms, and without explanation, it is obvious how lip gymnastics works. To increase in this case, a woman just needs to do the exercises regularly and a little patience, because the first result will not appear immediately.

The human body undergoes many changes with age, in connection with which women work hard to cope with the signs of aging using various means, visiting beauty salons that offer anti-aging treatments, and of course exercising.

The same story happens with the lips: with age, the contour changes and the volume decreases. In this case, gymnastics for the face and lip augmentation is considered an effective non-surgical rejuvenation method.

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Gymnastics for plump lips

The set of the following exercises is recommended not only to increase the volume of the lips, but also to increase elasticity and eliminate the signs of aging, represented by the sad corners of the mouth.

It will take no more than 10 minutes to perform such gymnastics, but after several months, in conditions of daily training, the first results will be incredibly pleasant.

So, the gymnastics of the upper lip and lower lip includes the following exercises:

  • It is necessary to open the mouth so that the front teeth are visible and try to pull the upper lip with your fingers. After relaxation, the exercise must be repeated 4 more times.
  • You need to try to stretch your upper lip as high as possible without touching it with your fingers. The gums and teeth should be exposed as much as possible.
  • With a slight opening of the mouth, its corners should be pulled out to the sides so that the upper teeth appear.
  • It reproduces a manipulation similar to the blowing of a dandelion. To do this, you should draw in air, puffing out your cheeks, and then forcefully push it out using your lips folded into a tube.
  • They say that you can whistle a lack of money, but then there is every chance that you will be left without financial resources, but with beautiful lips. Experts strongly recommend whistling as much as possible, thereby training the lip muscles.
  • To improve blood circulation, it is recommended to rub the lips, as when trying to even out the tone of the lipstick after applying it. But more persistent movements should be reproduced here.
  • A great workout for the lip muscles is to stretch them with a tube while pushing the index finger against the lips. For these purposes, you can use an ordinary pen or pencil, with which you should create maximum resistance.
  • The lips should be tight and relaxed, pressing the corners with the fingers. Ten repetitions of the exercise will be enough to get a good result.
  • It is necessary to round the extended lips as much as possible, as when trying to make the sound "O", lingering in this position for a few seconds.
  • It is necessary to strongly strain the labial muscles and try to pronounce the sound "U", repeating the procedure at least 10 times.


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According to numerous reviews, this lip gymnastics for augmentation is quite effective, a video with a consistent implementation can easily be found on the Internet. Studying the videos will allow you to perform all exercises as efficiently as possible.

By the way, such exercises are quite simple and can be performed even in the workplace. Therefore, if there is a desire to become the owner of plump lips, it is necessary to discard laziness and be patient, and positive results will not be long in coming.