Ways to enlarge the upper lip at home

There are many ways to widen your mouth, both at home and with plastic surgery. This article will describe the exercises you can do yourself at home. According to statistics, women are sure that the stronger sex likes slim legs, small waist, elegant breasts and plump lips.

Zoom in on your upper lip, perhaps by contacting a plastic surgeon, or put in more effort and work at home.

A variety of masks and special exercises that help to enlarge the lips are the most wonderful helpers. Also, do not ignore special procedures, massages and masks that can actually be done at home.


The most common type of masks:

  • You need to take 1 teaspoon of honey and the same amount of sugar, the same amount by volume of lemon juice and petroleum jelly. All components are well mixed and heated in a water bath for 7 minutes. After that, the mixture must be allowed to cool. The composition is applied to the upper lip from the outside for 15-20 minutes. After a period of time, the product is washed off with cold water. The lips will look swollen for a couple of hours.
  • In addition to this mask, you can enlarge your lips by applying May honey before bedtime. Honey has many beneficial properties.
  • You can also use a chili pepper tincture. It is only necessary to check that the dye is not too saturated, so as not to burn the skin.
  • The ginger root is chewed and then applied to the lip that you want to enlarge. After applying the mouth, it is necessary to squeeze and open, respectively, a certain massage takes place. It is necessary to carry out the actions for 10 minutes, after which the gruel of the product is removed with a soft napkin and a hygienic lipstick is applied to the mouth.
  • At home, you can use fresh mint. The leaves are crushed so that the juice flows, then the product is adjusted on a cotton swab and is placed on the mouth like a compress. The holding time of the pack is 5 minutes. After the juice is removed with a cotton swab previously smeared with petroleum jelly.

Gymnastic exercises

gymnastics for upper lip augmentation

There are a number of specific exercises that can help widen the mouth.

  • Fish. It is necessary to bend the mouth like a fish and it is necessary to smile. The action is performed 15 times.
  • Shark. For two minutes, you need to bite your mouth, this procedure helps to improve blood circulation. Also, you need to stretch your mouth for 20 seconds. The number of exercises performed - 5 times.
  • Lips design. It is necessary to strongly compress and move the lips, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. In total, there should be 5 circles in each direction.
  • To perform this exercise, you must first round your mouth, lengthen your mouth and lengthen the "OO" sound, then the "UU" sound. After that, a smile is made with closed lips, alternately with the left genital mouth, then with the right.

All exercises are performed at home in front of a mirror for an average of 10-20 approaches for a month. In order not to gain mimic wrinkles, it is strictly forbidden to stretch the skin around the mouth.


massage of the upper lip with a toothbrush for enlargement

Massage is a great help if you want to widen your mouth at home. The massage is performed every morning and before bedtime, until the result is achieved. Doing a massage at home, you ensure the removal of already dead skin, respectively, the lips become soft and also gradually increase.

There is nothing complicated in the technique of execution, you need to take a toothbrush and perform only circular movements. There is an improvement in blood flow, the lips become noticeably larger and brighter.

It is worth remembering! Ice can be used to widen the lips. Ice cubes should be marked in a towel and passed over the mouth until completely dissolved. There is an improvement in blood circulation, respectively, the volume increases.

Special lip simulators will be of invaluable help in increasing the upper lip: they not only enhance the effect of gymnastics, but also stimulate blood circulation, make the lips more sensual. The shape of such a simulator, created specifically for the augmentation of the upper lip, will allow you to significantly reduce the time during which the result will be noticeable to everyone.

To achieve the desired result at home, it may be necessary to follow all the recommendations, requirements and, of course, have a strong desire, as this is all a laborious process.