How to enlarge the lips at home - folk methods

red lipstick on the lips to increase eyesight

Here, you understand these men! They say they like women with a fresh, plump mouth - they look younger and more attractive, and in general, vague erotic dreams awaken with their looks. They spit when they see a beauty with hyaluronic acid lips. Please don't!

Consent remains to be sought. That is, the golden mean.

So, if you deliberately ignore a syringe with hyaluronic acid and get full teenage lips as you wish, try using folk remedies for lip augmentation at home.

Here, of course, you have to be patient and persistent, because home remedies are much slower than a hyaluronic acid injection. But the result is incomparably more pleasant due to the natural appearance of the enlarged lips, which cannot be said to be artificially "inflated".

At home, the lips can be enlarged in at least two ways: daily massage and folk remedies from the "materials" available.

Lip augmentation massage

lip massage with a toothbrush for enlargement

Elementary: with a dry toothbrush of medium hardness, gently massage your lips until you feel light pulsations and heat in them. Sometimes it may seem that with such a massage the lips are slightly numb.

After the procedure, lubricate your lips with a hygienic balm. Repeating the massage two or three times a day will improve the blood supply to the lips and make them appear plump, soft and luminous.

The massage can be combined with a gentle exfoliation. To do this, lightly moisten your lips with water, apply a lip exfoliator to a dry toothbrush and start massaging.

For this procedure, you can make your own exfoliant by mixing olive oil and fine granulated sugar. Additionally, you can use thick candied honey to exfoliate your lips.

Folk remedies for lip augmentation

Our grandmothers knew many secrets about how to deceive nature and take away from her what she refused at birth. Every young woman from her young nails knew how to prepare in a couple of minutes for the appearance in front of a young man who suddenly appeared to visit: pat herself on the cheeks for the appearance of a blush, bite her lips to give them swelling , casually ruffling her curls with her fingers to make her hair look natural, shaking hands raised to blood drained and hands looked whiter and softer. . . It goes without saying that our grandmothers were imaginative!

Below are the quick methods for urgent lip augmentation without injections. The effect, as a rule, is short-term, lasts about 6-10 hours, but those who have tried it have not regretted it. And, in the end, you can use these funds regularly!

Ice for lip augmentation

ice for lip augmentation

Massage your lips with ice cubes, then apply a napkin soaked in hot water for a few seconds. Repeat several times until a tingling sensation appears in the lips. Apply ice last before the procedure is finished, then bite your lips with your teeth. A great express remedy to give your lips an inviting swelling, if someone has to come to you at any moment.

Chilli to increase the lips

A recipe for those who vote with both hands that beauty requires sacrifice. Hot pepper - a small pod - chop along with the seeds, pour a cup of hot water and insist. In a hot brew, moisten a napkin and apply it to the lips for half a minute or a minute. Lips swell immediately, but this remedy cooks mercilessly.

You can try to make a more gentle option: mix ground pepper with petroleum jelly, apply to the lips, hold on as long as possible, but no more than three minutes to avoid burns. And remove with a napkin. Apply a clean hygienic lip balm to swollen and red lips.

Ginger for lip augmentation

lips enlarged at home

Chew fresh ginger root, apply ginger gruel to your lips with your tongue, squeeze and open your lips, as if massaging your lower lip with your upper lip. Remove the ginger with a napkin, apply a lip balm.

The good thing about the method is that the ginger will not only widen the lips, but it will also freshen the breath, giving it a subtle lemon scent.

Peppermint for lip enlargement

Crush the finely chopped peppermint leaves to show the juice, place the herbs on a cotton ball and do something like a compress on the lips. After five minutes, remove the remnants of the mint with a cotton swab, dipping it in petroleum jelly.

Cinnamon for lip augmentation

apply lipstick to enhance the lips

Pour the cinnamon into the olive oil, taking in enough quantity to make a thick scrub. Add some candied honey there. Apply the mixture on the toothbrush and massage the lips.

The result is a triple effect: candied honey "cleans" the sponges of dead epithelium, the oil softens and the spice causes a rush of blood.

Lemon Lips Enlargement

Gently massage your lips with lemon zest for five minutes until you feel numb and tingling. Lubricate with conditioner.

Plump and soft lips - Angelina Jolie is resting! - will always be with you, if you are not too lazy to take care of them regularly and from time to time resort to "grandma's" makeup recipes.