Lip gloss: replacing the contouring

Plump and hydrated lips are the desire of the most modern girls. The best known correction method is the injection technique, lip augmentation with fillers. But not all women will accept a painful and not always safe procedure. The search for an alternative method leads to the decision to use more delicate cosmetics. Among them, the use of gloss to increase the lips.

Lip gloss on the rise - the principle of action

Various cosmetic products are used to give volume to the lips. A similar effect can be achieved by using lipsticks and conditioners with a similar effect. Glitter plumpers not only give the usual gloss with a light tone, but also increase the volume of the lips. This effect is achieved by including components that cause mild irritation without discomfort. Could be:

  • cinnamon - creates a sealing effect;
  • ginger - stimulates blood circulation and increases volume thanks to the irritating effect
  • pepper extract - not only increases the lips, but also gives them a rich shade.

In addition to the elements with an irritating effect, the composition of the products includes hyaluronic acid, which provides the necessary level of hydration and collagen, which is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of tissues. Magnifying lip glosses are often enriched with a peptide complex. These active ingredients have a warming and nourishing effect, improve the complexion, stimulate the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

volumetric lip gloss

They block free radicals and support the skin's protective barrier. Unlike irritants, peptides add volume to the lips due to their ability to retain moisture. Niacin may be present among the active components. It helps to give volume to the lips, increase oxygen and dilate blood vessels.

How to apply lip gloss correctly?

Correct application of the product contributes to the duration of the visual effect. To do this, the lip area must be thoroughly cleaned. For example, you can use a moisturizing wipe. For a deeper cleaning, scrubbing is recommended. To this end, brown sugar is combined with almond or coconut oil and the mixture is rubbed into the skin with light massage movements. After a few minutes, the mixture is washed off with plenty of warm water. Some girls make the mistake of using lip gloss as a lipstick. In this case, another method of application is more appropriate. A small part of the gloss is applied to the central part of the lower lip, after which it is necessary to close the lips and rub them lightly. Such simple movements contribute to a more even distribution of shine over the entire surface of the lips.

The lip gloss can be used after applying the lipstick. The technique is observed without changes, the gloss is applied to the center of the lower lip.

Immediately after applying the gloss, you may feel a tingling or tingling sensation on your skin. They usually do not cause severe discomfort and are a natural reaction of the body to irritating components.

How long does the effect of lip augmentation with gloss last?

Means allow to achieve effective results. Applying the gloss allows you to get the desired volume, but it cannot be stored for a long time. The duration of the visual increase depends on the individual characteristics of the person. Usually, girls notice the preservation of the result for several hours.

how long does the effect of the lip gloss last

The effect can be prolonged by repeating the procedure of applying the gloss, if this is not possible, makeup artists recommend another way. The lips are painted with a pencil and a small amount of powder is applied on top.

It is especially important to repeat the procedure for applying lip gloss after eating.

Glitter can be replaced with a cream lipstick. It should be borne in mind that the use of gloss to increase involves applying only to an even complexion. To ensure the most even surface, it is recommended to use foundation or other corrective means. Modern manufacturers produce transparencies for enlargement effects based on various components.

Lip gloss with algae complex

Volumizing lip balm contains a complex of algae, cayenne pepper, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Due to the intense blood flow to the lips, they become more voluminous, bright and expressive. The composition is enriched with vitamin complexes that saturate and nourish the skin, the structure of the lips. The balm-filler gives the lips a brilliant shine, does not cause discomfort and discomfort when applied. After applying it, there is no unpleasant sticky feeling. Lips acquire attractive volume.

Glitter filler scrub for lip augmentation

Professional set consisting of two products: scrub and shine. Their joint use allows you to give your lips extra volume. A sugar scrub infused with plant oils gently exfoliates the upper layers of the skin to remove dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin. The scrub prepares the lips for further corrections. The second component of the kit is a filler filled with hyaluronic acid. This active ingredient helps to hydrate, retain moisture in the skin cells, giving this area of the face elasticity and firmness.

Plumping lip gloss

gloss plumper for lip augmentation

Glitter plumper provides a nice bright shine and seductive volume. An increase in volume and shape is achieved through a complex of irritating ingredients and the shimmering particles give shine to the lips. Glitter to prolong brightness and volume is applied to the matte lipstick. The combined use of two products provides a stable and lasting effect.

As a base for the gloss, you can use lipstick of any color.

Lip gloss with three-dimensional plumping effect

The innovative product gives seductive volume and a bright and expressive make-up. The combination of active ingredients defines the three-dimensional dimension of the beauty of the lips. The tool is equipped with a convenient applicator, with which you can easily apply and evenly distribute the gloss over the entire surface of the lips. The gloss does not leave a sticky feeling, is well absorbed by the skin of the lips and is easily washed off with plain water.

Lip gloss with peptides

With the help of a more plumper gloss, you can make your lips plump, voluminous and seductive. The use of the agent helps to achieve an effect that is not inferior to the results of injection techniques, albeit with a shorter duration. The composition of the gloss includes a complex of peptides that stimulate the synthesis of collagen. The structure of the product promotes intensive hydration and moisture retention in the skin cells. This allows you to get rid of dry lips, mask tension and peeling of the skin in the lip area.