Complex effective exercise to enlarge the lips and to lift the corners of the mouth

Chubby sensual mouth has become the trend of fashion. Most of the beauties to reach the volumes that strives to the help of injections implantation. It is fast, but not safe. Many forget that there are effective exercises for the augmentation of the lips. The penalty of all days to spend a bit of time, simple gymnastics, to forget frequent cosmetic problems faced in the region of the mouth.

The girl with big lips

For that is designed facebuilding lip

Among the slavs of nature are rarely the labia majora. More frequent small mouth, lined with thin skin. "Delicate" lips so as not to attract attention. The face is less expressive. Delicate skin of the lips without the additional care gradually dries, becomes even less attractive.

The beauty of natural full lips also is not eternal. A luscious mouth with age, it loses a beautiful shape. Lost the firmness, the elasticity, distorts the shape. Excessive expression can be transformed into a problem.

Age changes affect all the details of the person: "floating" oval, SAG the cheeks, the eyelids. Gradually, the skin of the lips is also the acquisition of laxity, appear excess of folds, sagging. The corners of the mouth, rush to the bottom, providing external emotional gloom. Around form of wrinkles, leading to the creation of an image.

Solve all the problems mentioned above in the house to pass the special performance of gymnastics, not to carry the case to much more serious interventions. Facebuilding will help to slightly "pump" the volume, tighten sagging, to prevent the formation ugly "grouping" of the folds, to reduce the number, depth of wrinkles.

All of the exercises

The training result is not visible immediately. Despair, is stop, it inserts on the inefficiency of the fiscal year, is not worth it. A serious approach guarantees that the declared result. Animals for specific performance of the year group to solve a specific problem. An integrated study to increase the attractiveness of prevent or reduce the disadvantages.

Augmentation of the lips

With the help of exercises, it is impossible to make the lips fleshy, like a star. The volume is added a minor, but tense the muscles around the mouth make an area more attractive. Improving the state of the musculature is reflected on the rate of appearance of changes of age.

The extended lips

All actions to increase the volume of the lips focus on improving the circulation to the muscles neighbors. The training consists of the execution of the exercise:

  1. The lips bend, such as to facilitate the kiss. In this state, produce a circular rotation of the mouth. First of all perform a movement in the clockwise direction, then against it.
  2. Need to "blow a candle". During the fiscal year participates in the breathing, but the maximum voltage to direct on the necessary muscles.
  3. The lips are folded into a tube, slightly pull. In this position, try to the ability to clearly pronounce the vowels the letter. After the reading, the muscles are relaxed. It turns out the phase 1 of the exercise. Articulatory actions are repeated.
  4. Lying on the tube to alternately open and close the mouth. The motion is similar to the fish.
  5. Starting Position: tight closed, but not tense mouth. In this state, put the palm of the hand, blow, not loosening the mouth. The hand feels a slight vibration.
  6. Arms outstretched to the front tightly closed his lips, trying to "draw" a sign of infinity (reversed eight).

The board. To strengthen the flow of blood within the zone is allowed to exercise a kind of massage. To do this, the fingers mimic the movement of the lipstick on the lips.

Eliminate wrinkles around the mouth

The mouth of a straw

The wrinkles in the area of the mouth appear in adulthood. Early in the event of problems-prone to those who smoke, are often the drinkers of drinks through a tube. The dry skin, the flabby muscles promotes the "rejuvenation" of problems. Remove wrinkles, prevent the appearance of exercises will help you to:

  1. The mouth bend the straw, pull. In this position, perform the alternate movement, upper and lower lip "self". Pass the slide.
  2. The starting position is similar to the previous year. From a small hole in the middle of the "duct" blow air. Put your fingers, but do not harvest, attempt to move a blast. The mouth is moving towards the right, to the left.
  3. Affect the teeth. Try to use the musculature of the fold over the lower lip, baring the gum. The corners do not shift, try to keep all right. The mouth gradually expand the scope, forming a rectangle.

To eliminate, prevent wrinkles on the upper lip must not forget to care because of the weakness of the area. Cosmetic preparations will help you to cope with the task.

The uprising of the corners of the lips

Excessive lowering of the corners of the mouth may be a genetic characteristic of the organism. The girl with the corners of the lipsOften, the problem occurs due to the characteristic facial expressions (angry, sad expression). Muscle "memory" is a common phenomenon. Regular exercise helps to the event. Perform the following exercises:

  1. In a position to be unhappy with the expression on the face tight gag from the mouth. It turns out the line. Lips are sucked, the muscles of the alliance. The mouth to produce a high thrust to the front.
  2. Are inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Exhaling of the air participate in the corners of the lips: alternate the left to the right side. Parts of the mouth raised as high as possible when it is closed in the middle.
  3. Alternately pronounce the letter "e" and "o". It is a kind of articulate gymnastics. During the reading of the first, the corners of the mouth pulls to the side of his cheeks. The recitation of the second assumes a muscle tension.
  4. Produce a large breathing through the nose, the strong exhale through the mouth. The air exits through the hole in the "straw".

It is important! Faster to lift the corners to succeed in the adaptation of gymnastics with the massage. Touch correction is based on the stimulation of the muscles in the area.

Recommendations for a quick result

The timeliness of the results depends on the scale of distribution problems, individual requests. When it comes to the increase in the volume, stupid to wait for havoc. Exercises for the lips help to muscle mass.

More tangible results will bring instruments (plamer, japanese silicone simulator). For the realization of hollywood, the format will use "bites" beauty or the services of a plastic surgeon.

To obtain the effect of regular exercise will help in the training approach. The daily activities will bring significant fruit after 1-2 months. Each exercise is repeated 10-12 times of the initial phase of the training. On the extent of the addiction, strengthen the muscles need repetition. The length of the series depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

When the achievement of the expected results of the gymnastics are not giving up. The young girl with beautiful big lipsReduce the intensity, frequency of courses.

Start doing the gymnastics, preferably in front of the mirror. The exercises are slowly trying to "understand" the movement of each muscle. It is, therefore, to be successful in working individually with technical execution. To the extent that the dependence of the gymnastics is acceptable to do a bunch of other things.

Maximize the development of the muscles of the face, lifting of the face oval, the adjustment of embossed lines, minimize wrinkles, and contributes to a combined approach of training.

It is not necessary to dwell on a single area. The alternation of areas of participation in the different sites that will contribute to the development harmonious of the appearance, to solve problems, to get the general tone.

To work with the area of the lips it is important to clean up the site of the cosmetic. To improve the condition of the skin is recommended as a moisturizer (nutrition) the mask. Engaged in the training of the muscles unacceptable when the excessive dryness of the skin.


The beginning of the course is able to affect a slight pain, tingling, sipping in the field, which makes the exercise. This is a normal reaction before, the muscles are relaxed. The course does not stop, but the intensity is not increased. Soon the unpleasant sensations disappear.

Explicit constraints for the gym does not exist. Is not advisable to exercise in the worsening of the health (fever, pressure peaks). Intensive refuse to after the transactions.

If the care of the appearance of grant 15-20 minutes every day, a positive result will be. The image will acquire booked magnetism.