How do lips look after augmentation? Real photos before and after!

Every year cosmetology makes great strides in correcting the appearance of women and by looking at the photos of lip augmentation before and after, you can be convinced. Today you can get not only big lips, but keep a natural and natural shape. Almost any woman can find a small or even a huge flaw on her face, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to fix it. Let's try to figure out how difficult it is to get beautiful lips that have begged for a kiss and whether the unpleasant consequences threaten after the procedures.

Is the most popular hyaluronic acid lip augmentation procedure?

The use of hyaluronic acid for lip augmentation is the most popular procedure, because it is so easy to go to the beautician with an anonymous mouse and come home as a seductive beauty with a seductive and sexy smile. The main reason women seek help from a beautician is ugly contours or lips that are too tight.

lip augmentation

The result of the introduction of hyaluronic acid is not only an effective lip augmentation, but also the enrichment of tissues with useful substances. The advantage of this substance, irreplaceable for the human body, is that it perfectly moisturizes the cells, which is important for lips that have begun to fade due to age-related changes, diseases or improper care.

If you are interested in seeing how hyaluronic acid lip hydration takes care of salon manipulations, the photo provided to your attention will be a great incentive to go to a beautician immediately. How exactly does the procedure work?

After the injection of an anesthetic drug (usually injected into the gum), the beautician injects hyaluronic acid or a compound in which it acts as the main component. Usually the first injection is injected in the center, after which the remaining substance is evenly distributed throughout the circuit. The lips are straight enough deeply, so even anesthesia does not completely eliminate the painful sensations. Regardless of the expected shape of the lips after the procedure, a certain amount of hyaluronic acid is taken - 1 cube.

Women often worry about the presence of scars or scars at the puncture sites. There are no reasons for excitement - the next day they will be practically not noticeable. Hyaluronic acid has a notable feature - it is evenly distributed independently in the tissues. Due to this property, tubercles or seals also appear extremely rarely, and only an unscrupulous cosmetologist can be blamed for this, who made a mistake in handling hyaluron.

How much drug is injected into the lips?

The amount of drug to be administered is calculated by the doctor, taking into account your desire and initial data. Basically, 1ml of hyaluronic acid is enough for a lip augmentation procedure.

1 ml of hyaluronic acid = 1 syringe of the drug. In some cases, the syringe contains 0. 8 ml of acid.

It is not recommended to inject more than 1 cube of the drug in one procedure! In this case, there is a risk of side effects, asymmetry and unnatural size of the lips.

Photos before and after the injection of 1 ml of hyaluronic acid in the lips

before and after the introduction of 1 ml of hyaluronic acid into the lips


How safe are lip injections to increase lip size? It should not be assumed that only desire is enough here: the cosmetologist can determine that manipulations are strictly prohibited. In such cases, even if the procedure is good, it is better to carry out the enlargement by other methods - this will save you trouble.

The procedure will be rejected in these cases:

  • during pregnancy (regardless of trimester);
  • in the presence of inflammatory processes in the lip area;
  • during illness (mainly infectious diseases);
  • if the blood does not clot well;
  • in case of intolerance to the body of the components of the composition.

Many women believe that if I spread my lips for the first time, nothing terrible will happen, even if I don't pay attention to the contraindications. You shouldn't be so frivolous - the consequences can be catastrophic and it will take a lot of time and money to eliminate them.

To increase the risk, menstruation will also be needed - often cosmetologists suggest postponing the manipulations for several days in such cases. A minimal risk raise can be done while breastfeeding, but it is best to consult a doctor first.

Why can the result be deplorable after lip augmentation?

In the photo you can see the effect of enlargement of the labia minora: under the influence of hyaluronic acid, they changed significantly and become plump and fresh. Is it really that simple and doesn't the procedure threaten dangerous consequences?

After augmentation with hyaluronic acid, it is rare, but unpleasant problems may arise, which will not serve as a decoration of the face at all. Among the most common phenomena are severe swelling (usually disappears after 1-3 days) and an allergic reaction. There is no reason to worry here: in a few days everything will disappear by itself. The enlargement of the mouth can be seen in the photo: the swelling has become almost invisible.

disastrous result

With an incorrect lip augmentation, small bumps can be observed that take a long time to dissolve. The fault lies entirely with the master - most likely he made a mistake during the procedure. It should not be forgotten that the results of a successful increase increase the expert hands and experience of a specialist, so it is not worth saving here - it is better to go to a proven salon with good reviews.

Women who often suffer from herpes can expect poor results after the procedure. The acid injection can provoke another wave of disease, and it is not a fact that this will be the last time: the unfortunate bumps will appear even more often.

The rehabilitation period after lip augmentation will not bring any difficulties, but only if all the prescriptions have been followed:

  • the bathroom, solarium, sauna were not visited during the week;
  • 3-5 days no decorative cosmetics used;
  • no hot drinks or meals accepted.

There's no need to rush to kiss either - passionate kisses can slightly reduce the effects of hyaluronic acid.

Photos before and after the most popular lip augmentation procedures

Many women stubbornly refuse to go to a beautician, considering the use of hyaluronic acid a waste of time and money. To dispel the doubts, we propose to study the photo of the augmentation of the lips, or rather, how they appeared before and after the procedure performed in the salon. At home, such results cannot be achieved, so it remains only to decide whether it is worth spending money on such beauty or sticking with the lips, with which nature is so stingy.

Even if the fear of injections does not allow you to go to the salon, it is not necessary to refuse the help of a beautician - there are many other not so unpleasant ways to enlarge the lips. In the photo it is proposed to study the effect of other lip augmentation procedures. Just go to a good specialist and he will surely offer an acceptable option to correct the most seductive and seductive part of the female body.

Lip creams

Some women, for fear of injections, categorically refuse to undergo the procedure. It is not necessary to tune in, that nothing can be done, because there are many creams with hyaluronic acid as an active ingredient. In the photo you can see a photo of very thin lips after exposure to the drug: they have slightly increased and have become more juicy.

How does the cream work? It has many useful properties:

  • moisturizing;
  • smooth small creases;
  • profile enhancement;
  • enrichment of nutrients.

If there are doubts as to exactly how lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid takes place, the photo explains in detail how effective it is. The advantage of using the cream on salon procedures is a noticeable increase immediately and without swelling or swelling, the beneficial substances affect only the problem areas. The downside is that the effect doesn't last long, just a few hours, so to always look beautiful, you'll need to apply the cream daily.

The advantage of using the cream, regardless of the brand, is the total absence of contraindications. It can be used at any age, in the presence of serious diseases or dermatological defects of the face. Most of the products in the composition contain a number of beneficial substances that also eliminate peeling or irritation. In a word, if you compare the use of the cream with salon procedures, it goes without saying that there are many more benefits.

Is the lip pump a useful device or a harmful invention?

Lip augmentation pump

In many advertisements, you can see how a gorgeous lady with a sexy smile offers a painless lip augmentation using a special pump. How effective is this device, the acquisition of which will result in a tidy sum?

If you look closely, there is nothing special about lip augmentation devices: simple little "cups" with painted lips. However, many girls throw away a lot of money to acquire this "miracle", which has no value. Why?

Undoubtedly, the effect after using the pump is noticeable and quite good. Will it only benefit the lips and how long will the swelling last? The principle of operation here is simple: connect the pump to the lips and pump out the air. The blood will start flowing to the lips making them plump. It will last half an hour, and that's the maximum.

Although it is possible to achieve an increase in the shape of the lips, delicate skin will not be able to resist. Results: extensive hematomas, scaly skin, loss of sharp contours. If peeling can be fought with hygienic lipstick, other problems cannot be addressed easily. The conclusion here can be made unequivocal: with the same success you can use any container of suitable size, the effect will not be worse.


In recent times, lipofilling has become particularly fashionable for women. What's this? It has long been established that one's tissues take root faster than implants. This observation did not go unnoticed by cosmetologists and they found a wonderful way to enlarge the lips through fat. The photo clearly shows how even thin lips take care of the augmentation with subcutaneous fat.

The adipose tissue for lip augmentation takes only 1-3 grams, it is usually taken from the abdomen (here is another advantage of the procedure: at least a few drops of fat will disappear from the problem area). The fiber undergoes a special treatment, after which it is injected into the tissues of the lips.

Session duration: only half an hour. During this period, anesthesia is administered, a small fiber is taken and, after processing, it is injected deep into the tissue. The puncture sites are sealed with a special plaster, which is removed the next day.

Lipofilling has several contraindications:

  • diabetes;
  • bleeding problems;
  • any cancer;
  • pregnancy;
  • skin pathology;
  • mental disorders.

There are practically no side effects, the only thing that can be observed is a slight swelling or bruising, which will disappear within a few days.

How long will the effect last? It all depends only on the characteristics of the body - sometimes the lips remain fresh and supple for up to a year, but it happens that a few months are enough to absorb the fat. No one will give a guarantee here, so you have to rely on chance and wait patiently.

We suggest looking at the photos before and after the upper lip augmentation. The effect is amazing and the procedure is much safer than after hyaluronic acid injection.

Photo after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is a procedure that has many features, so first of all, you need to evaluate all the positives and disadvantages. To facilitate the choice, we suggest you admire the photos, which will serve as an excellent incentive to go immediately to the beauty salon.

after lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Owners of tight lips should not be offended by the greed of nature - everything can be fixed and quickly and for a long time. Hyaluronic acid is capable of almost the impossible: turning the main disadvantage into the main advantage. Just look at the photo to be convinced.

Even beautiful lips with hyaluronic acid can be slightly corrected and filled with freshness and youth, and the photos will be an excellent proof. Even a hue can change for the better in one procedure.

Modern cosmetology offers many procedures capable of treating the most important facial defects. There is no need to consider tight and ugly lips as a sentence - everything is in your hands and it is not only possible, but also necessary to correct this defect. The main thing is not to forget that a lot here depends on the professionalism and experience of the cosmetologist, so it is better not to skimp and go to an expensive salon with a good reputation.