Lip augmentation and lip reshaping

ways of correction of the shape of the lips

Modern psychologists say that when communicating, people pay attention to the interlocutor's lips even more than to the eyes. The shape of the lips of our interlocutor unconsciously pushes us to an unconscious analysis of his character, which however does not always correspond to his appearance. For example, a child's upturned upper lip is associated with innocence, and the drooping corners of the mouth betray the allegedly bad character of its owner. Lips that are too thin can make a person look angry or proud, and women with such lips may not feel feminine or sexy enough. Full, plump lips are seen as sensual, perhaps because they are so closely associated with kissing.

Since ancient times, Egyptian beauties have skillfully emphasized the contour of the lips with the help of cosmetics, giving them a seductive volume. At all times, women tried in any way to emphasize their lips, although capricious fashion sometimes dictated bizarre shapes to women's lips (bowed lips, beads, threads).

The beautiful correct shape of the lips helps girls and women to feel confident in a variety of situations. As a rule, it is achieved with the help of lipstick and a contour pencil, but often ordinary make-up fails us, for example, in the warm season, in the rain or snow, by the sea. In modern aesthetic medicine there are more reliable ways to correct the shape and increase the volume of the lips.

Perfect lip shape

Which lip shape should be considered an aesthetic ideal?

One of the first Leonardo da Vinci, in his description of the "divine proportions", provides in detail the correspondences between the different parts of the face and the human body.

Even the modern concepts of the ideal proportions of a human face are based on his works:

  1. The upper lip should be slightly thinner than the lower one.
  2. The upper lip should not be so far from the nose that it completely covers the upper teeth and does not expose the gums when smiling.
  3. There should be a clear border and color difference between the red border of the lips and the surrounding skin such as a raised border.
  4. The lateral edges of the mouth should reach the perpendicular drawn through the inner edge of the pupils.
  5. The mouth should be about one and a half times wider than the wings of the nose.
  6. For women, the nasolabial angle is preferable to be greater than 90 degrees.

Methods for correcting the shape of the lips and increasing their volume

All kinds of aesthetic "enhancements" to the shape of the lips can be conditionally divided into two groups:

  1. fight age-related changes;
  2. correction of congenital deviations from accepted ideals.

Age affects the lips in several ways. Due to the loss of turgor and elasticity of the tissues, wrinkles appear, as a rule, more in the upper lip, the upper lip is elongated, the corners of the mouth are lowered. Age-related tissue atrophy leads to a decrease in the volume of the lips, the border between the red border of the lips and the surrounding skin becomes less visible.

The best known deviations from the ideal are:

  • lips too thin;
  • lip asymmetry;
  • Cupid's not too raised line (edge ​​of the red border of the upper lip and skin).
methods of lip augmentation

Lip reshaping is a procedure, as a rule, aimed at increasing the size, volume of the upper and (or) lower lips, to eliminate lip asymmetry.

Applies to:

  • enhancement of contour relief;
  • raising the corners of the mouth;
  • removes puppet wrinkles;
  • eliminates the horizontal folds of the chin;
  • eliminates vertical wrinkles on the upper lip (the so-called "barcode").

That is, lip shape correction is used both to solve aesthetic problems and to correct age-related changes.

Lip augmentation: how to choose a filler

The choice of a drug is decided in a detailed consultation, taking into account all the wishes of the patient.

All preparations used for lip correction can be divided into groups:

  • synthetic;
  • biopolymer gel.
  • biological;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • collagen;
  • preparations from donor tissues;
  • combined;
  • synthetic filler.

As for synthetic and combined drugs, doctors have an ambiguous opinion on the safety of these drugs, but, in any case, absolutely artificial fillers are foreign bodies that our body can perceive ambiguously.

Unfortunately, introducing a synthetic drug can be a time bomb, as there is always a risk of complications such as granuloma formation, scarring, drug migration, etc. Therefore, many doctors are abandoning their use in favor of a group of biological fillers.

Lipofilling is a popular method of lip shape correction today. The conclusion is that fat cells are taken from a patient in one of the parts of the body and are injected into the lips with a syringe.

This would seem to be the most natural way to fill lips with your "material", but the method has the following drawbacks:

  1. Fat cells take root in the area where adipose tissue is present, but the lips are practically absent, so the risk of reabsorption of the injected fat is very high.
  2. It is impossible to make jewelry with this procedure, as it is very difficult to achieve an even distribution of fat on the lips.

In addition, lipofilling is performed with correction, since it is impossible to predict which part of the fat cells will take root and, therefore, the future shape of the lips is extremely difficult to predict. In addition, lipofilling is always accompanied by severe and prolonged edema. After the injections, the patient should look at the unnaturally enlarged lips in the mirror and wait patiently for the swelling to subside and the final result can be seen.

Lip augmentation: hyaluronic acid filler

The most common formulations used to correct the shape of the lips are preparations based on stabilized hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance normally present in our skin and is responsible for its hydration, firmness, elasticity and helps skin cells to synthesize collagen. Hyaluronic acid in modern fillers is not of animal origin, it is obtained biotechnologically, and therefore these drugs are considered the safest, the immune system reacts to them adequately, they have a minimum of contraindications and, in principle, are shown toeveryone at any age. However, the result of an increase in volume with the help of such a filler lasts no more than a year. Since our skin has its own hyaluronic acid, there is also an enzyme that destroys this acid - hyaluronidase.

The duration of the action of the drug on the lips depends on many factors: on the characteristics of the blood supply to the lips, on the age of the woman. For example, in a woman during menopause, hyaluronidase has a very high activity, so fillers at this age, as a rule, do not last long. In addition, lifestyle can play an important role, for example, the number and activity of kisses, in which the lips are constantly massaged, microcirculation improves, and as a result, faster biodegradation of the drug occurs.

The reabsorption of the drug is a gradual and absolutely imperceptible decrease in the volume of the lips and of the woman herself. Maybe after a year you will like the new lip shape. At this point, the drug will completely dissolve, the tissues will remain intact, your lips will take on their original appearance and can have a new shape that you like. It is possible to maintain the volume and shape of the lips indefinitely through timely repeated injections.

The shape and size of the lips after the procedure depends on the injection technique and the amount of drug injected. Lip shaping is very popular as it is easy to carry and provides an overall refreshing and rejuvenating effect, significantly improving the patient's appearance. However, some patients deliberately choose unnaturally large lips that violate the general aesthetics of the face, joint, facial expressions, and the doctor often has no choice but to fulfill their strange request.

Lip shape correction: a feature of the


The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and does not require any preparatory measures. However, it should be remembered that after the injection for 1-2 days, swelling and bruising are possible, so you should not carry out the procedure several days before an important event.

Health and safety are very important. Recently, very often in television programs, the question has been raised of the so-called "parasite doctors" who have disfigured more than one patient protagonist. But analyzing these cases, it turns out that all the procedures were performed by someone unknown, with what and where. This situation is very detrimental to the well-deserved reputation and authority of the specialty and, as a result, repels many patients from such pleasant and safe procedures in expert hands as the correction of the shape of the lips, injections and so on. Therefore, be meticulous and careful in choosing a clinic, a doctor, always try to get the most complete information about the drug that is offered to you and about the possible complications during use.