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  • Радка
    I'm an advocate of booster injections of the beauty and plastic surgery. I increased the lips with the help of shots, but the cost of the procedure is always framed so myself. I had to stop the augmentation of the lips, and I began to look for more methods to improve their appearance. I was able to get the desired effect with WondaLips. The lips have become more.
  • Даниела
    My sister offered me a birthday WondaLips. I thought it was another way, which does not show any result. As I was not good! My lips increased in volume after the first application! The skin of the lips has become elastic, as after the mask for the lips, and two weeks really increased. I feel like the cream fills the lips of moisture.
  • Йорданка
    The cream WondaLips - the secret of my transfiguration. I ordered a tool Online for reasons of public interest. Even knew about these creams. The result was not convinced, but decided to try it. After a week of use, and noticed that my lips have become particularly satisfied with the result on the upper lip. I put the cream 3 times a day. It fulfils a protective function.
  • Пенка
    WondaLips - a good tool for those who dream to enhance the lips, but does not want to be involved in the clinics. I bought the cream instead of go to the beautician. I am pleased with the result, my lips have increased by two millimeters. They have become a nice touch lost in flaking and cracks. The price of the cream budget, I bought a tool of reduction.
  • Росица
    I had huge cracks on the lips, but quickly the cream to eliminate it. WondaLips very effective. In two months of use I have not spent half of the packaging. Now, I use cream in place of the hygienic lipstick, put on every occasion. It makes my lips are more juicy and full, softens the skin and gives an accurate contour.
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