The experience of using WondaLips

The beauty of the birth of dan is not everything, sometimes a small loss can be an obstacle in the way of the dream. Your experiences of using WondaLips with the separation of Victoria from Cardiff, which, by the application of the tool has taken a step towards the dream.

The lips of Victoria before and after the increase of the cream Wondalips

"I've always dreamed of glory. Since my childhood I knew that I would be a well-known person. Around me always praised for my artistic data and the ability to maintain communication with all the people. I have long chose where to go to school, I was thinking even to go to the university of cinema, but still opted for journalism, with the intention that after graduation to get a job in television.

I have diligently studied and in the midst of my studies, I was struck by an internship on the famous canal, after which there was the assistant to the editor. My work pleased me, but I've always dreamed of becoming a great program. I knew that for this to happen, I still need to work on their appearance. I have been quite attractive, but my lips were not enough. I have often looked in the mirror and she, they are enlarged, and all the more attractive that it was my face.

Get a job on a tv you can only with an appearance

I knew that the perfect appearance, I can get a dream job. The competition, I had a very serious – all the great differed with the beauty and excellent skills. I've noticed that my appearance was the deciding factor – many employees on a channel that was not much beauty, and remained in aid.

During this time I started to work on their appearance – has changed hairstyle, has made progress on improving the condition of the skin, and finally the tour came to her lips. I consulted with several specialists, they all suggested that I do a lip augmentation by injections and a year and a half of wear my lips up to the desired result. I counted all the disadvantages and benefits of this procedure, and realized that it does not suit me: expensive, long, arduous and dangerous.

I started reading information online about alternatives and saw a notice on the cream WondaLips. The result surprised me – the girl has shown pictures before and after, and the result was really impressive. His lips looked as if they were stuffed or have had a clear view and incredibly attractive. I'm no political reflection of the cream.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen – the secret of the effectiveness WondaLips

Victoria has used WondaLips for lip augmentation

Instructions for using the tool describes in detail how to use the cream. The secret of the action of the cream WondaLips was a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, collagen and auxiliary materials, help to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Result, I have noticed after the first application.

My lips become more smooth, elastic and voluminous. No particular sensations during the application I felt nothing, except the slight shiver. I used the cream several times a day, and at the end of two weeks the increase has become much the same for the other.

It is a small change in appearance strongly changed my face and made it more harmonious. Finally my lips have increased if, as I dreamed. WondaLips very economical: in two weeks, it took me about 10% of the initial volume of the tool.

The lip is similar in nature and with the red lip. I became much more self-confident and became even better job of fulfilling their work obligations. At the end of two months the chief himself offered me to try this on the role of leader. I have successfully passed the test and got a dream job. Thank you to the cream WondaLips".